Putter Shaft diameter

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By George V

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  1. George V

    George V
    Montgomery, AL

    I'm going to reshaft a 2000 Scotty Mil-Spec. Does anyone know the tip diameter? Thanks!

  2. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    Scotty never gives that info out
  3. George V

    George V
    Montgomery, AL

    True. Here's the nice note I got back from the Scotty Custom Shop when I asked the question...

    "Hello George,

    Thank you for the email. Unfortunately we are not able to share any shaft information. They do not even give us the information, only the people ordering the shafts have that information. Sorry I could not be more help.

    Thank you,

    Scotty Cameron Custom Shop"
  4. It’s incredible how unhelpful Scotty is...
    They won’t give toe hang and shaft size. It’s insanity.

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