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By craig t

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before! I was in a store today looking at the new Scotty Cameron Special Select putters. I really liked the Newport 2.5 but when I looked at the shaft it had a sticker stating heavy. The weights in the head were 40 grams when I asked the guy in the store he said heavy means they carry 40g weights. Is that the only difference? I have read that the putters come with 40g weights now anyway, or is that incorrect,? Thanks

  2. looking at scotty's website for the newport 2.5 it shows the 33" putter with 40 gram weights, 34" with 35 gram weights and 35" with 30 gram weights.
  3. Hi Brandon yeah the one I looked at in the store was a 34" with 40 gram weights in it and had a sticker on shaft stating "heavy" so I just wanted to see if its just the weights that are the difference to the std 34" with 35g weights
  4. I've seen them on-line as two different items - Heavy and standard. Check out Carl's Golfland webpage and you will see they offer both of them.
  5. FRED L

    FRED L
    Centerport, NY

    Weights are interchangeable and available on EBAY. I changed mine from 20G to 5G
  6. Corey T

    Corey T
    Tyrone, GA

    I would be leary of purchasing weights from Ebay as they may damage your putter. Also, if you send the putter to the ScottyCameron shop for any work they will not service it with non-authentic weights in the putter.
  7. When you see a heavy sticker on an OTR putter it just means the swing weight is higher than standard. It basically feels heavier. You can replace the weights in the sole to make the putter just about any reasonable swing weight!

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