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By PMosher

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  1. I purchased a SC Newport 2 and month ago and thinking about replacing the stock grip with the dancing Cameron. I see on a previous thread that the dancing Cameron weighs around 60 grams. What’s the weight of the stock grip?

  2. Stock grip is about 80 grams...(can be a little lighter but generally is around this weight like the other current grips)

    Good Luck,
  3. Thank you for the reply Chris. What would be the impact to the putter if I switched to the dancing Cameron that’s approximately 20 grams lighter?
  4. Rick F

    Rick F
    Dedham, MA

    You increase swing weight and decrease overall weight. It could throw off the balance of the putter. There could be an adjustment period with tempo. It might feel more head heavy. If the new grip has a thinner profile, it could allow your hands to rotate closed at impact resulting in pulled putts.

    Without seeing your stroke or knowing what type of stroke you have, it's tough to say what will specifically happen to you.

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