Broken Bag Legs!

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By Christos C

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  1. Christos C
    Washington, DC

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    I recently received a new lightweight cary bag to go with my new AP2's.  It is such a nice bag and an upgrade from my old one that has seen better days.  While on vacation the genius concierge at the hotel said that the bag boy broke the legs on my brand new bag!  He said it was an accident and i felt bad for the guy cause the manager was yelling and threatened him in front of me.

    My question is to Cathi or any Titleist rep that can help me get replacement legs.  The bag is in perfect condition as it is new except for the legs.  They seem easy to replace but i searched the internet and could not find replacements. Can you please let me know if i can get the same ones.  It is the new Lightweight that is Black/White/Red with the cool diamond logo legs. Any help would be appreciated.


    All the Best,


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    Hi Christos, Call 1-800-225-8500 and ask for Bag repair and they should be able to help you get your replacement legs.
  3. Christos C
    Washington, DC

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    Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated!  Happy New Year

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    Do you know if there is an email address or website that I can go so I can order a pair of legs?  I live outside the US and it is difficult to call.

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    Hi Charles,  Contact the Acushnet office in your country.  When you bring up your site for your country, and you will see "Contact" at the bottom of the page. 

  6. Mark C
    Shorewood, WI

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    I wanted to jump in on this old conversation. I was in a local tournament and the caddie lost the rubber end to my bag leg. I called the bag repair number and they said they don't have any replacement parts. Anyone know where I can get another rubber leg end?
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    Did anyone get their problem resolved through this method? Players 14 Stand Bag that is 2 weeks old/club logo and just damaged while traveling. I called the number, asked for bag repair and was told they do not have replacement legs available.
  8. TS

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    This same issue happened to me with the Players 14 Stand Bag. It was only 1 month old.

    Were you able to successfully submit a damage claim with your airline? I just opened up a claim with Delta Airlines.
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    Hi Jeffrey, I spoke to the bag department and due to the fact that the airlines damaged it in travel, the recommendation was that you file the claim with the airlines and they would either replace the bag or give you the value to replace it yourself. Unfortunately, they do not have parts, such as legs as replacements.

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