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By Adam E

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    Hi guys, it's been a while - working hard and playing golf, I guess. I'm having a hard time making a decision on a new set of irons. AP2 - the standard, the best irons I have ever played or AP3 - surprising nice feel, work ability, and wow - distance. I've played AP2 for years and they are forged, butter. I am getting older and that distance would come in handy. I could go on and on but what have you guys done or think?

  2. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    Best of both worlds. I play my scoring clubs in AP2-716 PW-7i and my mid to longer irons in AP3-718, 7i-5i. (Yes, two 7 irons, for now. There is a 10 yard difference, or more, between the two on most well-hit shots. Gave up a 4i and 5W and replaced with 19* 818H1.)

    Really love the AP3s, but like you, have played AP2s since 2011 and love the feel, workability and accuracy I have with them. However, from further out, contact has to be perfect with the AP2s or you will pay dearly. With the AP3s, the feel and look is very similar to what I like in the AP2s, yet with much more forgiveness, and surprisingly easy distance accomplishment.
  3. Barry S
    Oakville, ON

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    I played 714CB's and then bought 716CB's last March. Played all season with them and and loved the feel and performance, but then tried both the AP2's and AP3's in Oct. I made the switch ( second set of clubs in 1 season). I got a split set, AP2's ( 7-8-9-W), and AP3's ( 4-5-6). Had the 2's bent 2 deg strong, and the 3's 1 degree weak to close the gap. This was recommended to me by the Titleist fitter. I have played about 6 rounds with this set up, in 40 degree weather as well as 90 degree weather, and I am thrilled that I made the change. Obviously, everyone is different, but the split set is working for me.
    Good luck
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    One of the many things I find as a consumer that sets Titleist miles apart from any other golf club manufacturer is that they have equally researched and developed their fitting program for all golfers, not just the pro's. As a seasoned golfer yourself you are certain of a lot of things that go into your game, as well as certain preferences. I am sure that if you went and had a proper Titleist fitting at one of their worldwide locations, that you and the fitter would be able to look over the data and not only choose the best club for your swing but shaft as well as any other tweaks you may need. You can easily find a location near you here on the webpage, and or find a Titleist Thursday coming up in your area! Either way, enjoy the new clubs,which ever you decide on! (perhaps blend a set?)
  5. Jonathan K
    Advance, NC

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    I too was a longtime user of AP2 irons but switched to AP3 irons in November. I couldn't be happier with my decision. My handicap typically hovers between 1 and 4 throughout the year (lower in the Summer). I love the extra distance, they are workable, distance control is consistent, and the look of these irons at address is spectacular. Overall I came to the conclusion that AP2 irons are for better players than myself. The distance drop on mishits is much more pronounced with AP2 irons and for me it's was about choosing what's best for my game. I decided on AP3 and am thrilled with my decision.
  6. Jonathan K
    Advance, NC

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    I would like to add that all TT members that stress the importance of club fitting are absolutely correct. I was speaking of my experience with both models of irons, however; club fitting is the best indicator and takes all of the guess work out of club purchases. I simply refuse to purchase any equipment without a proper fitting. I am also a huge advocate of being fit outside. When I started my fitting for the 917 driver, I admit I hated the club, but after a shaft change, SureFit hosel adjustment and SureFit CG change, my 917D3 is the best driver I've ever gamed.
  7. Radar
    Caldwell, Idaho

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    Hey Adam,

    I too, am getting older. I called customer service and spoke with a gal there and she was so helpful. I was interested in the 718 MB and she actually referred me to the AP2 instead stating that the flight characteristics might be more appropriate...especially distance. I have been playing the AP1 set and just love them. I am a 10 handicap. I would recommend a short conversation with any one of the assets at customer service. They are well trained and can speak to club specs, based on their experience. They are a great resource.
    Best Wishes,
  8. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Go see a Titleist fitter. Trackman will not lie with the right shaft.
  9. Rob V
    Indio, CA

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    Adam: I have been in a similar situation to yourself. I have in the past played AP2 irons. I went and was fitted and decided to get a full set (4-PW) of AP3's/ The feel to me is very good, not as good as AP2, but certainly very good and the distance is something I need. I also just ended up trading in a bunch of clubs I was not using and have ordered some AP2's (7-PW). I plan to look at developing a combo set of AP2's up to 7 and then use AP3's for 5 and 6. I am also using a TM-B 4. I will have to see how this works. If I am not happy with the combo set, I will stick with the AP3's throughout.
  10. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Can't go wrong with either one. You just need to decide what is more important in your game. Some folks even go with a mixed combo set. Pick and enjoy!
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    Both are high performing clubs, in my opinion best thing to do is go for a full fitting and see which iron delivers the best numbers for your game. Speak to your fitter about your distance aswell see what he or she recommends. Happy shopping.
  12. Ev

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    Tried both out at my fitting and went with AP3. The AP3 just outperformed the AP2 for me and still remained controllable. I actually went AP1 in my 4 &5 as I struggle at that end of the bag. I also went with the 48 at the other end of the bag.
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    My fitter was a big proponent of following the data on the Trackman. Made the decision easy, based on accuracy, distance, forgiveness, and feel. Good luck.
    Lafayette, LA

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    Blend a set!! AP3 top and AP2 bottom
  15. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    They're both excellent products. If your wear pattern on your irons is the size of a dime, why change? If you tend to use more of the face, why not use the AP3? I'm relatively new to golf and have used AP1s. At the fitting I was not far off center with either so there was no dispersion issue. The feel of the AP3 was so much better and actually longer than the AP1, so I went with AP3. Whatever tools give you the most confidence to be your best.

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