No golf today

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By Gary L

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    The pineapple express has hit california and the west coast.lots of rain and wind.anybody today try to play a round of golf today?

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    No Gary, luckily it hit during the work week so things should be in good shape come Friday for some weekend golf. Our course really needed this rain. They put some seed out but needed this rain to green up the areas not covered by their sprinkler system. Should look pretty good in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we will get 3 or 4 more rain events before the spring dry season starts. Last one we got down here was May 2017.
  3. Rob R
    Chicago, IL

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    No golf today even though it is a balmy 45* with light rain in Chicago. I think that I will not be able to play until vacation at the end of February.
  4. Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

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    Hey Gary L, we still have almost a foot of snow on our fairways here at the Jersey Shore. It's going to be a while before we get out.
    Play Well
    Steve S.
  5. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    We actually hit 60* today in St Louis and I got out and get a round in. Course was a little soggy and the greens were slow, but it's January 10th. Took a few holes, but I've got my first birdie of the year!
  6. augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

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    It’s 80 here in pineapple Island,playing golf ️‍♀️In,Hawaii.Sony open starts tomorrow
  7. Rooster
    West Wareham, MA

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    Hoping to get out this Saturday afternoon on Cape Cod, temps 50. All depends when the rain ends. After Saturday temps suppose to drop and we will ice up again.
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    A few breaks in the rain to get a round in on the Oregon coast. All the rain made the greens really soft...the divot tool got a lot of use today
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    A ton of rain of the Oregon coast but just enough breaks in the weather to get in a round. The greens suffered though. My divot tool got a bit of work in today
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