It Is a Big Day!!!!

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By Sam K

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    Titleist announced the Tour Soft (I cant wait to game this), the new Velocity (color options will please many), Voke spoke about the SM7 in an interview with the infamous Abby... I just wanted to take a moment to proclaim that it is, indeed, a big day for Titleist lovers!

    Any key take away for you all? Any gear change plans given the new information? I imagine moderation will be slow given the PGA show... Cannot wait to hear feedback from you all.

  2. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    I will play both the AVX and Tour Soft but it will be hard to replace the ProV
  3. Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

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    I'll play any Titleist (if I find a previously used one)...not to wish ill-will on anyone!!

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