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By Elson C

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  1. Elson C

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    Who else is using their "work" time to prep for golf?

    I have a putter and practice cup at work, just for fun

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  2. Manny A
    Staten Island, NY

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    Working from home has its advantage. Don't know why it took so long to do but put this up Sunday
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  3. J.R. F
    La Porte, IN

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    I bought a Putt Out and mat for this very reason.
  4. No'l
    Palmdale, CA

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    Can't say I've done some putting at work, but I've had a putting surface at home for those windy and cold winter day.
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    $36 Putt-a-bout putting mat in front of man cave TV, perfect for watching Golf Channel and draining 6-footers. Floor is uneven so get to work on breaks too. When I get dialed in on right to left breaks, I turn it around and work on left to right breaks. And yes...can't wait to get outside, the big dark is almost over! :-)

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