What course do you play that restores your spirit?

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By John M

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  1. John M

    John M
    Clayton, CA

    There have been times when I’ve been playing poorly, can’t seem to improve or played too many 5-6 Hour rounds with people who have no manners on the course. Instead of quitting the game, I go play at the Pacific Grove Muni. It’s not a long or difficult course but just thinking about the back nine that is a true links makes me feel better about life in general. So, what course do you play that brings a smile to your face and why?

  2. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I usually go play LW Clapp the shortest Muni course we have in town. I like to play it because it usually not crowded and the fairways are lined with trees & the greens are small & turtle shell, it has a creek that runs throughout the course and will affect you on 7 different holes, (it crosses the fairway 3 times alone on # 8 par 5) it's a challenge but the scenic view of the trees and creek brings a calming peace when I play there. I play during the week which helps keep my rounds around 4 hours on most occasions.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    The front nine at my home course, Eagle Crest Golf Club. I walk it in the evenings and usually have the whole nine to myself. Occasionally another golfer or two or the dog walker that doesn't know it's not a dog park, but most of the time, just me. The sun is usually settling behind the hills and the shadows create a nice effect. The occasional coyote, hawk, or roadrunner reminds me that there's more than just the hustle and bustle of the big city and i can unwind from a long day of work. Very therapeutic!
  4. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Annbriar Golf Course in Waterloo, IL. It's a great layout with tons of character that is perfectly maintained. The greens always roll true and the fairways are like playing off of carpet.
  5. Elson C

    Elson C

    When I need a pick me up, I play
    Taylor Meadows was the first golf course I ever set foot on it.
    To clarify I was born and raise in Brazil, I didn't come to live in America until I was on my 20s.
    I never ever had a golf club on my hands until I was on my early 30s.
    Growing up in Brazil, golf was non-existent, Soccer was and still is the main sport, where all of the hopes and dreams are mad for young man all over the country.
    I was never good at it, so I played goalie, didn't like either.
    When I came to America I could not identify my self with any of the sports here either.
    I don't have the balance to be able to ice skate for hokey.
    Very bad aiming to be able to play basketball
    Got bored out of my mind with baseball
    Football was okay, I am a big guy and can hit people
    So for many years, I did not follow any sports.
    however, after I was married and had a son, I accidentally turn to the golf channel.
    They were showing a piece about Tiger Woods and his swing.
    that must have been 2008 or so, for some odd reason, it got me thinking of golf.
    I back then knew nothing about golf.
    and it stayed like that for a couple of years
    So my wife bought me a PS3 with the move system and the Tiger Woods PGA game.
    I honestly started playing with no really big interest.
    however, the more I played it, the more I felt like I wanted to go out and try the real thing.
    Later that year, I bought my first golf set.
    A complete Fanthom set with bag and all 14 clubs at K Mart.
    And I found out, that one of my coworkers also played.
    So Chris decided to take me out for the first time.
    Taylor Meadows was the place, I honestly played really bad, and still nowhere near to be any good, but I have come to love this sport.
    I know it is not an amazing beginning with playing golf, but it was my beginning.
    Nowadays, I have moved on to better clubs.
    Unfortunately for now, in my bag.
    swoosh VR covert 2.0 driver
    Titleist 313f.h. 3 wood.
    swoosh VR 5 wood
    swoosh 5 to pw vrs covert irons
    Yeah, I went swoosh hungry when they dismantle their golf club operations and clubs went dirt cheap.
    however, my wedges are
    Vokey sm 5 48 degrees
    Vokey sm4 52 degrees
    and vokey sm 5 56 degrees.
    I still use my TM spider putter, but just picked up an old Titleist dead-center for a few bucks a,d I actually like the way it plays and feels on my hands
    I play in my works summer league and on the weekends.
    My 9-year-old has his own set and comes out to play with "uncle Chris" and I all of the time.
    I do plan on getting fitted for a full set in the next couple years, for the first time
    and those for sure will be Titleist from the Driver to the putter.
    And to clarify why I like that course so much, it was the course of my firsts.
    The first ball I ever hit was there.
    first time I ever got a birdy was there
    First time I ever broke 100 was there.
    First Time I ever took my son out to play was there.
    I have a 140 there and I am happy, the memories I have of that course are special ones.
    and I got a tee time there this weekend, first of the year.
    Sorry if it this turned out to be a way too long of a response.
  6. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    Yale...the prestige and history are second to none. Makes you feel lucky to be out there and really forces you to enjoy the round and melt the stress of the week away.
  7. I play MSU (Mich State Univ) Forest Akers East Course. It's the course you could say that I cut my teeth on. I played it a lot while in college and still pay it to this day. After a couple hundred rounds you get to know the greens very well and every bush and tree on the course. It's not a hard course, but you can play even par one day and go out and play bogey golf the next. For me it's going home.

    The other course that always puts a smile on my face is the Heather Course at Boyne Highlands. It's a Robert Trent Jones Sr. course built in 1966 and cut in the woods of Northern MI. It sets well with my eyes and allows you to play the course and enjoy the moments.
  8. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I ran x-country for 50 years so I’m used to being by myself. At courses that tend to empty late in the day I’ll get on under 4 hours before sunset, get 18 and finish the sunset glow from the club house. Best therapy going.
  9. Herb W

    Herb W
    Tampa, FL

    I go and play Lexington Oaks Golf Club in Wesley Chapel, FL. It is not particularly long but had two of my best rounds there a few years ago. It has the most challenging par 3s in the area. It calms me down and brings back pleasant memories of my success there. It makes you play every club in your bag...
  10. When struggling I typically like to play Lindenwood Golf Club in McMurray, PA. A course my 9-hole golf league plays weekly. I also think that since golf is also such a mental game you need to pressure yourself, even while not playing all that well.

    If I play with a buddy, we'll play for something small like a beer at the end of the round. I like the competition even though I'm not playing well.

    When I feel that I got my game back and feeling a little cocky, I like to play the same course, but move back 1 tee box. Or since I have family near Myrtle Beach, plan a golf trip. My favorite courses in/near Myrtle Beach are Thistle, Tidewater, Rivers Edge and Sea Trail-Jones.
  11. Great call on Pacific Grove! I played it once whilst traveling through the area. It was early morning in April -- chilly, foggy and drizzly. Even so, the sound and smell of the ocean was an incredible experience, almost surreal.

    Anyway, my home course is Fox Hollow Golf Club in St. Michael, MN. Even after repeatedly poor rounds, it still never fails to pique my excitement. Otherwise, Giant's Ridge (Quarry) in Biwabik, MN is always a thriller.
  12. Paul D

    Paul D
    Houston, TX

    My absolute favorite course to play to restore my spirit is Paa Ko Ridge outside of Albuquerque - absolutely stunning vistas, condition, and weather. The range is immaculate and filled with stacks of NXT Tour range balls, and the course is beautifully high-desert-forest green.
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  13. Ric Gregory

    Ric Gregory
    Currans Hill, NSW

    I have been blessed to play many of the so called ‘Bucket List’ courses - Pebble Beach, St Andrews (Old Course), Royal Melbourne to name a few...

    My absolute favourite is NSW in Sydney, Australia
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  14. Robert K

    Robert K
    Oceanside, NY

    Living on Long Island, I get to play the Black course a few times a year. It's not necessarily the Black that restores my spirit, it's playing and scoring on other courses after it.

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