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By Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Hi everyone - As summer continues to roll on, I've been trying to hone in my game. However, I tend to stick to the same routine: Hit the range, a few chips in a practice area (not nearly enough) and roll some putts before I head to the tee. 

    What's your practice routine before you arrive at the first tee? We want to know with the quick poll below. 

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    Good luck, all!

  2. I normally do start with a wedge, move on to a 7, go to a hybrid, the driver, and finally hit the putting green.
  3. BCH


    Start with stretching than wedge thru driver about 6 balls each
    Chipping and about 10 3 footers and 10 10 footers then a couple of 20-30 footers

    Off to the tee!
  4. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    "Exercise/stretch before a handful of warm-up shots on the range"

    Just warm enough is good.
  5. Now that I’m a “senior” golfer with a fused spine and a couple replaced joints prepping for a round of golf takes some time. I spend an hour before I leave the house stretching. When I get to the course I do a few more stretches with some clubs. Only then do I start gently hitting balls starting with a wedge until I can swing full. I’ll hit a few balls with a couple different irons, a hybrid, then a couple with a Driver. I’ll then spend a few minutes on the putting green before I hit the first tee. It’s rough getting old and decrepit!
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Only for a light warm up, maybe around 20 balls. A few swings prior to actually hitting the balls. Set my alignment stick. Hit a few shots with either a pitching wedge or a nine iron and this was based on a recommendation by my teaching pro. Move on to my 18* hybrid which I will hit off the first tee. Then off to the practice green with two balls, l hit a few chips with my nine iron (our greens are bermuda and are slow so do not use a lot of loft, like Trevino says, get it down and rolling) and then my putter. In practicing my puttings, start at the longest hole to get a feel and then move to about ten feet. Once I make two in a row from the shorter distance, then I am ready to go for the day. With out heat and humidity in SC, do not want to overheat prior to starting. Drink some Powerade Zero.
  7. Craig D

    Craig D
    Canton, OH

    Stretch, 5/5/5 (5 wedge shots, 5 mid-iron shots, 5 Driver or 3W shots depending on course), putt, short chips, longer running chips, finish with some additional putting before first tee.
  8. Elson C

    Elson C

    Right now I am using a very simple warm up.
    start with stretching and the weighted club swings to get my back loose, lately, I have cut down on actually swinging a club during warm up, maybe a few chips and a couple putts just to get the feeling for how the greens should be rolling.
    I have found out that the less I spend on actually hitting balls before the round, the better my first few holes turn out to be.
    Calling in superstition if you will, but right now it is working for me.
  9. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Just some simple stretches to loosen up, a few range shots to complete the loosening up process, then a few putts (mostly lags to judge speed) and then on to the first tee.
  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I start with stretching to be able to start chipping then work my way through the bag, then, chipping putting. Just wish there were practice bunkers to improve that touch as well. Could have selected more than one answer.
  11. Brent Wells

    Brent Wells
    El Paso, TX

    I started out with 20 mins of warming up my body. Then I start with half wedges finding the low point of my swing. I gradually work up throughout the bag ending with a few drivers. I then head to the putting green for some lag putts. I finish with making five 3ft putts and head to the first tee.
  12. For range session in between rounds I start with Wedge and work my way up to driver. I then hit chip/pitch shots to the shorts flags at the range (about 100 balls total). I then make my way to the practice green for green-side chipping and putting drills.

    Prior to a round I typically do a condensed version of that.
  13. pauldrue

    Nashua, NH

    I follow the Tom Watson "method" of starting with a long iron (3/4 iron or so), it helps to get the tempo and muscles working together. Then I'll go through some irons, fairway wood, and then driver. I'll hit a few wedges at the end.

    Thanks for the poll and giveaway!


  14. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    Start at the putting green, move onto some chips. From there I hit the range beginning with my 52 degree wedge and go up every three clubs from there until I get to the driver. My last 10 balls are hit with the club I plan on teeing off the first hole with, always finsishing on a solid strike!

    Petawawa, ON

    I like to warm up like Miguel Mechanic Jimenez, stretch to the toes and wiggle the hips. Great role model.
  16. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    Exercise/stretch before a handful of warm-up shots on the range. This is exactly how I do it.
  17. Start with some mid-long range putts and a few chips, range to hit a few shots starting with wedges and work up to driver, then back to practice green for short putts 5 ft and under before heading to the tee.
  18. Geoffrey B

    Geoffrey B
    Middletown, CT

    I should warm up more before my round. When I do, I try to stick with wedges, then irons, and few drivers, then off to putt.
  19. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    A lot depends on how much time I have. If time permits, I hit my entire shag bag of balls going every other club through the bag up to the club that I will hit off the first tee. I then hit a few partial swing wedges and then a few putts.

    If time is short it is just a few putts and then about 20 swings with either 2 or 3 clubs to get loose.
  20. I feel that starting easy with some short wedges gets me in a good smooth rhythm to start, where I'm not trying to over-swing. That sets the tempo for the rest of the bag, and especially the first tee. The stretching takes place at home, well before getting to the course.
  21. ndp


    "warm up" by stretching and swinging two clubs around to get loose, hit my 9 iron, 7 iron, 3 wood, driver, full shots with my wedges, some light precision chips, and then putt until I'm called up to the tee. Works for me!
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