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By Rick D

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  1. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    Played what's likely my last round of 2018 on Saturday. 6 of us teed off. We played two man best ball and two man total for a little cash. A steady drizzle throughout the front nine. 44* and rain gloves. Our range had closed, so no warm-up for this 60 year old body. Tough to get loose. Shot 42 on the front and 31 on the back. How's that for Jekyll and Hyde?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Best thing about relocating to San Diego almost 5 years ago is the year-round golf. I will head to Bandon the day after Thanksgiving for my taste of winter golf and then back to sunny Southern California.
  3. Spezza

    Summerside, PE

    I was in San Diego once for a week for work and really enjoyed it. This was July 2014. Even in summer great climate. Being from East coast Canada I dream every winter about it! I’m secretly working on my wife someday to move down when the kids are grown!
    Got to play Torrey north. What courses do you frequent or are you a member? I know from being there that muni golf is very affordable for residents and Coronado and balboa are very good cost to play. I don’t hear much about anything else down there.
  4. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    Great recovery on the back.......I need to get out before our cold spell starts here, hate to think my last round would be from September in Georgia.
  5. pauldrue

    Nashua, NH

    Here in NH I now become a "weatherman," constantly checking the weather app to see what day brings a little sun and temps in the 50's. Hoping for one, maybe two, rounds before the sticks are put up for the winter.

  6. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    I can’t think imagine a down time of the year. Ive lived in California my entire life. I don’t take it lightly I can golf year around. Hope your season finally was memorable.
  7. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    Yes, I've had a great golf season! Had some really good rounds along the way. Work allowed me to go back to playing Wednesday afternoons in our 18 hole league. I've played the evening 9 hole league for several years and didn't enjoy it for several reasons. It was a relief to get back to playing with better players and also to get away from a couple bad actors.

    Then a golf trip to Scotland with my wife. I can't say enough about that trip.

    Living in the north is tough on the golf game. You get into a groove and then the season ends. Next spring can be like starting all over. The club clears out the bag room and sets up a simulator. Room for two to hit balls. It at least gives an opportunity to swing the club.

    Golf isn't my only outdoor hobby. I have an English Setter and do a lot of bird hunting in the fall and there's deer hunting, too. Winter is ice fishing time and we take a Caribbean trip for a week of scuba diving. Spring is turkey hunting and open water fishing opens again in May. Lots to do around here if you aren't a couch potato.
  8. Thanks for this post really enjoyed it.

    But I do hope it's not your last round with a back nine like that :)

    Next time if you get the warm up you might end up with 31 front & back
  9. David S

    David S
    Laguna Niguel, CA

    Just moved to SoCal from the Mid Atlantic. Quite a change for a guy who is accustomed to humidity, thunderstorms and mosquitoes. No more playing golf when it's 30 and riding my Harley when it's 9 degrees outside. Even in November the sun feels hot, but as they say, it's a dry heat!
  10. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Man, I used to hate this time of the year when I lived in NY. The end of Golf and Baseball season, a double whammy. Now I'm spoiled down here in FL.
  11. I am not ready to concede that the season is over in Southern Ontario. October was not good, but we donthave any snow yet, and if it would just warm up a little there are still some courses that stay open. I could have played today but I had a hockey game.
    I shot 78 on October 29. Hopefully not my last game.
  12. Aloha Bruce

    Aloha Bruce
    Sunnyvale, CA

    Golf year round in NorCal and here's a few pictures from where my wife and I were last Saturday
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
  13. Michael JC

    Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

    Those are absolutely amazing pictures! Talk about blues skies, water and green grass!
    And I have to ask...where were you and your wife playing?
  14. kevin g

    kevin g
    Hayward, CA

    Yes it's something special about being a Bay Area resident play Monarch Bay in San Leandro California on Sunday
  15. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Geez, I really hate to see you have to end the season with a 31 on the back nine. Seems like the Golf Gods are tormenting you. Maybe the Weather Gods will beat them back and allow for another great day before you have to put the clubs away for the winter.

    I am still hoping for another 20 rounds before the end of the year here in Maryland. If there is no snow (big IF) on the ground and the temps are above 35 or so, with little wind, I'll be out there. My attitude is, if you can dress to ski in temps near 0*, dressing to play golf in 35* conditions shouldn't be that big of a deal. They key is to LAYER up. However, I am happy that few are willing to do so. It means I usually get the course all to myself.

    Another benefit to winter golf, everything is dormant, including the rough. I love winter golf!
  16. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    sigh Highs this coming weekend - 31 F. At best, hitting off of mats in 3-sided bays with overhead gas heaters. ...Turn out the lights, the party's over.
  17. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    Don: We had 3" of snow in Sayner yesterday and the courses up there are closed anyhow. At home in Wausau, the snow changed to rain quickly and windy. It was the last day our club was open for the season. No one played. I got home later in the afternoon to hit the couch and watch another poor Packer performance.
  18. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Rick D said:

    Don: We had 3" of snow in Sayner yesterday and the courses up there are closed anyhow. At home in Wausau, the snow changed to rain quickly and windy. It was the last day our club was open for the season. No one played. I got home later in the afternoon to hit the couch and watch another poor Packer performance.

    I was depressed enough with the frozen forecast w/o mentioning Sunday Night football. I'd add LOL, but that would be more like COL (with real tears). One of the heated driving ranges has a Top Tracer option so I have a choice of simulation or shot tracking besides just watching the balls bounce on ice or get buried in the snow pile.
  19. Here in good old N.J. (Jersey Shore) it is still payable. Same deal, watch the forecast and dress right. My quitting time is when I need too many layers to stay warm! On our way to Cape Cod tomorrow. Wife has off for teachers convention. We go every year at this time and always get in a round or two. Holding out hope for more play when we get back.
  20. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Heading out this morning for my last round of the year. The weather never really keeps me off the course (except for lightening & snow), but my abbreviated end to the golf season is due to knee replacement surgery. I've dealt with my knee for the last five years, but no more. Time for an up grade!!
  21. Sadly, the cold has set in a bit early here in MI. So unless we warm up a bit, it's probably simulators and a dome for me 'till spring.
  22. greg p

    greg p
    Chicago 'burbs, IL

    Nice shootin' but time to put the sticks away and fire up that snowblower.
    Hoping for a mild winter.
  23. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    ast rood for me will be 12-31 God I love Florida.
  24. Just organised a Xmas blow out for the 28th December
    20 players invited and hopefully they can make it
    A Titleist Bag as first prize and Bottles for Long drives and nearest the pin!!!
  25. I played on Monday in 7 degrees( around 45 degrees fahrenheit) No wind, dry conditions and great greens. Didn't putt very well, but still shot 82. We have snow on the ground now, and more coming. However, the forecast for month end says we may get out again.
  26. Aloha Bruce

    Aloha Bruce
    Sunnyvale, CA

    My pictures are of the 18th at Pebble
  27. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    My last round of 2018 was Sunday 09th December, Tulliallan Scotland.
    74 net 66.
    Now cut to 5 in the winter league, I finished last season at 11.
    I’m sitting on 339 after 5 scores, 1 behind the leader, I struggle to find my swing working 3 weeks on 3 weeks off rotations all the time.
    Can’t wait till 6th January when I’m home to get back out on the course!!
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