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By Matt H

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  1. Matt H

    Matt H
    Davie, FL

    I recently overhauled my bag back in July and the past 5-6 weeks have been amazing (712/913/SM4 to 718/917/SM6). I've won the opening 2 events of my local GC Amtour season (never placed higher than 4th previously in 4 years), and just carded my first eagle in probably 3+ years.

    The 718's have a nice consistency and slightly higher ball flight in the low and mid irons.

    I picked up 917's with tensei oranges (if i'm being unbiased and 100% truthful the driver probably wasn't much of an upgrade but the F2 performs better than the F)

    The 818 H1 I put in play is probably the main source of recent success. Coming from a 913hd, this new hybrid is so easy and reliable. The ball flight looks pretty in the air, and spins just enough to stop when using as approach club into par 5's or long par 3's.

  2. Blake T

    Blake T
    Richton, MS

    Congrats on the new set up and the WIN!!
  3. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    I hope you have continued success.

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