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By Michael S

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  1. Michael S

    Michael S
    Apple Valley, Ca.

    Ok I finally got to go back out to the course two weeks ago loved it. But do have bad knees always hurt. Did have surgery on right knee 5 or so years ago it works ok livable pain. But when played two weeks ago left knee went south big time trying to get into see doctor thinking this ones going to need knee replacement. Has anybody here had a total knee replacement and how did it work out? I am really kind of scared if I will be able to golf with the knee replacement. Thanks for any replies on this.

  2. wormburner



    I personally did not have knee replacement, but a playing partner has. All I can say is he beats the heck out of me everytime we play. I don't know which knee, and how long to recoup. Another friend just had the other knee replaced (both sides), it takes time to recover.
  3. My father just went through ACL and MCL surgery this off season and is an avid golfer like the rest of us. Was a long recovery but his new knee is strong enough that we are walking 9 for the 1st time since I can’t remember when. You will be good, stay positive and have solid support around you.
  4. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I had a total replacement in November of 18 and was at the range hitting balls in February of 19. Sounds great, but there were some really tough days between and even after. The key is to stick with the exercise plan they give you and get off the pain meds as soon as possible. If your insurance covers out-patient PT, take advantage of it. During my initial recovery period (full recovery is 12 - 18 months avg) after the first three weeks, which were not fun, I started seeing pretty good improvement every week, but I was pressing myself to be able to get back out and start playing in the spring. As a caveat, my surgeon told me that everyone is different and my experience may be very good or I may continue to have pain afterwards...I came down on the very good side.
    Best advice is to talk with your primary care Dr. and get a recommendation for a surgeon and talk with everyone you can that has been a patient of the surgeon, get their opinions.

    Best of luck and if you get the surgery I hope you have a good recovery.
  5. Steve E

    Steve E
    Stockton, CA

    Michael.. I am recovering from spinal surgery...I am sure after your knee replacement and working with your Doctor and with physical therapy you will be back playing and enjoying this great game..I wish you the best and a speedy recovery..
  6. mike s

    mike s
    hudson, OH

    Had my right knee replaced in December 2019. Did outpatient therapy twice a week for three weeks. I used a walker for a week, cane for two weeks. Started to hit balls in March, played nine holes in late March. Started playing 18 holes twice a week in April weather permitting. Good luck and make sure you do the therapy!!
  7. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Had both hips replaced. After recovery and rehab, was like nothing was ever wrong. Weather it's hips or knees, don't know any golfer who regretted getting it done. My suggestion is to find an orthopedic surgeon who performs muscle sparing surgery. Same results with less rehab time. Go for it, don't live with pain.
  8. Michael S

    Michael S
    Apple Valley, Ca.

    Thanks for the replies makes me feel a little better about this, was getting ready to be fitted for a set of T 300’s but on hold now. Played twice a week so now it is killing me can’t even practice plus with this pandemic stuff hard to even get into see the doctor. Thanks again for the replies.
  9. After living with the pain for years, using lots of tape, wraps, braces, and shots...I finally could not take one more step or one more swing. I had worn out my knees and had them BOTH completely replaced on the same day on four weeks notice. The first three weeks were the most difficult, but with incredible support from my wife and kids, I got over the physical and mental impediments of immobility. I was religious about physical therapy, and moving off the pain meds as soon as I could. Found my way back into the office within three months, and playing full rounds within seven months. That was five years ago, and I feel great. I can carry my Titleist bag on my home courses in Virginia, and love the three course walks at Streamsong. When you are ready, and your body will certainly tell you, do it without hesitation. You will never look back and will wonder why you chose to struggle with the pain. It will require drive and a dedication to return to normalcy, but you can do it Michael! I enjoy my golfing as much as ever, and know that I have the most solid knees on the course on any given day. Good Luck!
  10. I had bilateral knee replacement (both knees at the same time) and was hitting balls 2 weeks later, walked my first 9 after a month and my first 18 after 6 weeks, Best thing I have ever done! I can actually complete my backswing and follow through for the first time in years. Go for it ... HOOAH!
  11. Michael S

    Michael S
    Apple Valley, Ca.

    Thanks for all the replies got the approval yesterday for mri this coming Monday! Finally get to get the ball rolling went to range yesterday just chipped and putt felt good just to be able to do that, when knee is good will get fit for a set of T 300’s can’t wait! Thanks again for the support.
  12. Hi All,

    I am nearing 49 and have had severely arthritic knees from Rugby injuries 26-30 years ago. Knee replacements were always my path and have now reached that stage.

    2 years ago I wasn't getting past hole 14 without excruciating pain even with 6 nurofen inside me. The Ossur unloader braces gave me a new lease along with 2 paracetamols a round but having visited the surgeon both knees is all 3 compartments are severely arthritic (just a lot worse on the medial sides). Surgeon says I am done and and I agree.


    I have spent the last 15 years as a 7-10 handicapper (6 years at 7-8), I have now got down to 5 with the help of a great Pro and a efficient athletic golf swing. This has taken a lot of work and a lot of it with pain after practice sessions and playing.

    My question is to all those who have had knee replacements (especially left and bilateral), do you think that an efficient athletic swing is possible after left and bilateral replacements. The reason I ask is that I am considering doing the pain for another year or so to see how low I can get my handicap as I am playing the best golf of my life.

    On the other side is it possible to still play low handicap golf and still carry the ball 260 yards with Driver and 150-160 yard 7 iron after such procedures?

    Thank you to anyone in advance for any advice.
  13. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Had back surgery, with lots of hip pain and went thru physiotherapy, 20 sessions and my strength came back.....doing some walking and home exercise......working my way back on the range and tweaking with my instructor and hope to be playing in 74, driver 220, 125 nine iron....different issues, but am believer in PT and exercises.....I just followed the lead of my doctors and it worked......
  14. There is NO doubt in my mind that you will have the performance that you are looking for after the surgery. What you don't know, is that the pain is actually holding you back, the brain adapts and works to protect you during the swing. After you do the procedure, you are going to look back and wonder why you did not do it sooner. Believe me, I know. Again, I am five years past my bilateral and I smoke it past my contemporaries. If your doctor says you are done, use these next several months to complete the work, commit to the PT regime, and get into 2021 pain free. Wishing you the best!
  15. Hi TAustell,

    Thank you for your input.

    Currently doing extensive research on uk surgeons and make/type of implants.

    Would you be happy to tell me the make of implanta that you have had (custom/off the shelf).

    There seems to be newer custom made but surgeons do not seem to have the levels of experience compared to off the shelf sized implants here in the uk. Surgeon experiences are 100’s v 1000’s and this is due to cost.

    It is also seen as that there is the argument of tried and tested v newer custom made with in only 7 years of data.

    Initial results say satisfaction success is 80% v 90% with the custom given less soft tissue irritation and feeling more like a new knee.

    Cost is also 50% more with custom, but this is a hopefully once in a lifetime operation so want to make the best decision possible and honest patient reviews (rather than the surgeons advertising testimonials only promote the successful ones).

    If anyone else has any comments on their implant makes and successes it will be greatly received.
  16. Jason,

    I will check in with my surgeon to see what my implants were, and if there if they have information about the new technology that you are referring to. Again, I feel terrific, strong, and do not anticipate having to do this type of procedure ever again. The aggressive PT regime post surgery was key to getting me back into this position, and I believe requires a commitment to see it through for the best results. Got back from playing the Streamsong (Florida) courses a couple of weeks ago, and over the four days and including the replays, we walked well over 25 miles. No issues with my knees whatsoever. Will see what I can track down. All the best for your situation.
  17. Thanks TAustell. Much appreciated.
  18. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    I play with guys who have had knee replacements and most of them were successful in playing again.
  19. Michael S

    Michael S
    Apple Valley, Ca.

    I,m still waiting on the doctors to do something but have been working it out and it does feel better not right but better. Still have pain but manageable. I worry about the replacement because they say you can do all movements but do not crawl on your knee's I do have to do that at work sometimes I am getting tired of waiting on them might switch insurance again to somebody that will do something to help me with this. Plus sold a boat and have money for new T 300's burning a hole in my pocket!

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