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  1. Looking to book a golf package in the Pinehurst area but not necessarily tied down to staying at Pinehurst. Looking for lodging in the area and some course recommendations outside of the Pinehurst courses(i.e. Mid Pines, Pine Needles, etc.).

  2. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    I'd highly recommend Tobacco Road and The Dormie Club.

  3. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    What the Tyler aka the Professor said..
  4. Gary B

    Gary B
    Jacksonville, NC

    For lodging, look at The Holly Inn. Great tradition in that place, and the bar/restaurant isn't bad either.
  5. Had a great time last month staying in the condos at Tallamore. Played the courses at Tallamore, Mid- South and Legacy.

  6. I Have been looking at Pinehurst as well for a future trip, possibly in 2019. It would be great to hear others experiences and yours too after your trip.
  7. Paul C

    Paul C
    Beech Mountain, NC

    Tyler H hit the two that stand out in my mind. Dormie is planning to go private again in the future and if you haven't played it, you should. I haven't been for a few years so I can't comment on condition, but, really enjoyed Bayonet at Puppy Creek and Legacy.
  8. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I fly into Raleigh-Durham and Tobacco Road is my stop either coming or going. No OOB, no formal bunkers (no shortage of waste areas, though). I've stayed at the Pinehurst resort and at local national chain hotels, there's no shortage of lodging choices. Besides Pinehurst, Tobacco Road and Pine Needles will also put together local packages that can include resort and non-resort rounds. If you want to play #2, you need to check on booking if not staying at the resort. Many great options.
  9. ADeLucia

    Clayton NC

    Tobacco Road is a blast! A really unique course that you definitely have to try if you're in the area!
  10. Hi guys,
    New here! I plan a trip to Pinehurst every summer and feel as if I know the area well. Have been going there for the past 15 years. We always stay at the Tallamore Condo's. They offer a free bbq and free buffet breakfast. As far as courses to play, Tobacco Road is amazing, but you need to know where to hit...a lot of blind shots, but you will never play a course like it. Tobacco Road is about 20-30 min away from the Tallamore resort. Dormie Club is beautiful as well! One of my favorites down there. You can play #2 but this year I am excited to play #4, if was just redone and I hear it is gorgeous. However, it is on the expensive side at $300 per round. Pinewild Magnolia, and Mid South are both great courses as well. All in all, the people and most of the courses in the Pinehurst area are wonderful! You will have an awesome trip regardless of where you play! Have fun!
  11. BCH


    A couple small treasures a little out of the Pinehurst area but close enough to qualify:

    Keith Hills Golf Club in Buies Creek
    Home of Campbell University. Always been a favorite of mine and I do not know if they still do this but they used to have real homemade lemonade-fresh squeezed

    Tot Hill Farm Golf Club in Asheboro
    Rated the 7th toughest course in the US. Mike Strantz design. If you like Tobacco Road this is in the same vein. Maybe a little more evil.

    Have a great trip
  12. JEFF R

    JEFF R
    Canton, GA

    I *love* Pinehurst. Tobacco Road is a must-do. If you don't mind rougher conditioning, I really love playing Southern Pines GC in Southern Pines- great bargain for a Ross course. In the past, I would have recommended Pinehurst National, but now that's Pinehurst #9. And I know you weren't looking for Pinehurst resort courses but if you have some time to spare don't miss out on playing The Cradle. It's amazing.

    The Comfort Inn in Pinehurst is very nice, clean, and a good deal.
  13. Titleist Fan 179

    Titleist Fan 179
    Middleburg hts, OH

    Pinehurst is fabulous. Cant go wrong staying there. #2,4 and 9 were all great tracks. Tobacco road ia also great
  14. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    I have been visiting and playing golf in Pinehurst for the past 20 years. More frequently for the last 10 years. With every trip, I become even more fond of everything about this unique resort. The Pinecrest Inn is a great place to stay, as well as Mid Pines and Pine Needles. In fact, I have never had a bad experience at any of the hotels, inns, lodges, etc. Other than the Pinehurst “numbered” courses, I recommend Tallamore, Pine Needles, Southern Pines CC (a hidden gem), and Legacy. The new added bonus is The Cradle; the par 3 course on the Pinehurst Resort property. You will be surprised how enjoyable and challenging nine holes spread over 789 yards can be. I’m sure you will have a great time wherever you stay and wherever you play.

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