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By Hotsauce

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  1. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA


    So we're one week away from our trip to Bandon for the summer solstice tournament. A trio of TT members and I are making the pilgrimage to play all 72 holes in one day. I've played 54 holes in a day before, but never 72. I'm not as nervous as I am excited.

    What I'd like to know has anyone here ever played this event or one like it? If so what did you enjoy and would you have done anything differently?

    I'm not worried too much about the physical requirements, as we'll be able to change shoes and socks each round (thanks to my Army and Marine friends for this recommendation) and there's snacks and water out there. I also don't think I'll lose interest, because they limit the amount of people so hopefully we're not waiting around, and walking along the ocean and golfing with friends is my favorite thing to do in the world.

    I'm sure there will be a ton of pictures and write ups after the event.

    I for one - cannot wait!

  2. Don't forget the gold bond powder..... that can help out tremendously if it's a little warm. I would make sure that I had some extra athletic tape for the fingers as well.

    Have fun!
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Good reason to be excited. It's the pentacle of Bandon trips, doing the Summer Solstice. I love the place. I have an annual winter trip routine that this December will be the 7th in a row. The most I have done is 36 on the same day. They have a neat pricing schedule where the same day, second round in half price, and all other same day rounds are free. In December it gets dark at 4:30PM so 36 is the most that can be done but you will have light until almost 10PM. Sounds like your first trip there. Like me, you will probably get hooked and be back again. Much easier for me to get to now that I have relocated to San Diego. For you, its quite the haul. Marion Berry Pancakes in the Pacific Grill are pretty special. We also to a dinner trip into town at Edgewaters. Pictures of previous trips on my Flickr albums including last February. Enjoy! Look forward to seeing your posts when you get back.
  4. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    Thanks for the notes Gents!
    It's absolutely my first time at Bandon and my first time in Oregon (outside of the airport). We're playing a quick 9 in the morning somewhere near the airport while our 4th flies in; then we're off to Bandon. We'll probably play an emergency 9 somewhere on the way down and make a pit stop or two on the drive.

    We're going to play the Preserve on day 1 and soak in all Bandon has to offer- then gear up for the Solstice event day two.

    We might play something on day 3 on way to Portland if we're not golfed out. We all have the red-eye home and work the next morning.

    I've got my "Glide" stick that should keep all my moving parts in working order.

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