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By marty h

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  1. I’m planning on taking a trip to Scotland second week of May. Any suggestions on what to pack/expect regarding weather.


  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Congratulations! You are going to love it. Went to St. Andrews in April 2016 and will get a few more days out there in mid-October. The week I was there it was pretty cool and rained almost all day, every day. We even had ice pellets for a few holes while playing the Old Course. That said, it could be warm and sunny for some days by mid-May. Just take things you can layer and adjust accordingly.
  3. Thanks Dale
  4. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    Pack clothing for layering. You may have to discard some pullovers during the round. You could experience just about any type of weather but you should be prepared for whatever comes your way.. Take several pairs of shoes in the event if they get wet you can let them dry out. Don't wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Some sort of rain cap my be useful. You might be able to buy it at the course. A very good rain suit may help. I have seen people wear their rainpants with just silks on underneath. I always packed dark clothing as it sort of hid the clothes if they got dirty. Not sure about an umbrella, it's great when it rains but if the wind blows you will be fighting it constantly. A long time ago, I went over there in May and experienced great weather. You may get lucky, you may not. Either way enjoy it because 50% of the guys on this site would trade places with you in a minute. You might be able to buy it at the course.
    I hope you have a good time and whatever happens....YOUR PLAYING GOLF IN SCOTLAND...HOW COOL IS THAT!!!
  5. Madhatter


    Hi Marty

    Even I could not tell you what the weather will be like in May and I live here. As Dale anf Jerry have suggested be prepared for anything, saying that we are almost into our Summer by then so things should not be "wild". I would suggest a pair of FJ rain gloves, best purchase I have ever made. The wet weather is worst in the West of the country so plan to visit the East, try and include a links course if you can youll love it. Any more info I can get you just ask.
    Hope you have a great trip in The Home of Golf.

  6. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hello Marty,

    Welcome to Team Titleist forum!
    Well Scotland, the home of golf.

    You can never expect anything regarding the weather. From my last 18 years on tour as caddie I expect rain and windy conditions when I am in Scotland. So I always bring extra water prooves, rain jackets etc. when going to the UK.

    Which part of Scotland are you doing to?
    Scotland is packed with so many golf courses. Which area are you going to be so I can give you a bit more better advice which courses to be / restaurants / hotels etc.

    But a MUST has to the St. Andrews (the old course). Just go out there watch, get some souvenirs, if you willing to play.. Carnoustie is nice. The sister course (burnside) is almost identical to the tour course but with better price offers.

    I use to be also at Arbrouth, nice course and you must try the world famous Arbroath "smookies" !
    A local fish which taste very nice.

    About 5 minutes from Arbroath lays: Letham Grange. This is identical to AUGUSTA, US.
    They have re-build the course identical to the holes in augusta. Hole 1-18. Including the palm trees etc. so super cool.
    It used to be a private course but you can play it now for a good price.

    Have fun and share come pictures. Welcome at Team Titleist!


  7. Thanks, setting up shop at air bnb in St Andrews. Planning on playing all the St Andrews courses, try and squeeze in Carnoustie.
  8. Tosh.


    Unfortunately Bart letham granger shut its doors on the 4th of November,for the past few years it was run and maintained by the members as the owner wanted to shut it to build houses.......and it looks like he’s won.
  9. Thank you very much, heading to the heartland. We do have a one day excursion planned for the highlands, playing Royal Dornoch. Will post some pics
  10. Aaron


    hey marty, pack for every time of weather possible, rain wind snow sun, i live 40 minutes away from st andrews and it can be sunny one second and torrential rain the next lol. hope you have an awesome trip :) play well
  11. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    Base layers, FootJoy waterproofs, comfortable waterproof shoes and a lot of patience. Links golf is a lot of fun but can be frustrating for those that have not played it before. Just roll with the interesting bounces!

    Be sure to have some Aberdeen Angus and Ayrshire potatoes. A pint or three of McEwan's is always a great way to finish the day!
  12. CSaulnier

    Manhattan Beach, CA

    Hi Marty, I'll be there in mid-May as well. I'm definitely looking for advice on how to make it a fantastic, memorable experience. I just won 2 rounds for 8 people at ST. ANDREWS (Jubilee & The Old Course) - May 19-20! I am over-the-moon excited! Hey Titleist, I wouldn't mind some golf balls to bring and test ;) ...wink-wink! (I'm sure I'll need my sand-irons as well at those courses) LOL
  13. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    For what you save by winning the free trip, you can probably afford full price for a dozen... wink-wink. Enjoy the trip. You will love it over there.
  14. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If you can't fill all 7 other people, ...I'll buy you a couple of dozen logo'ed balls in exchange.
  15. Under the Roof

    Under the Roof
    Mequon, WI

    Layering is key, remember you’re going ho have to be able to swing A club and you’re going to be walking.
    Shoes- Definitely two pair and have cedar trees to help the drying process.

    Bottoms- Buy two pair of rain pants and wear them as your pants all day. (Wear just underwear underneath)Make sure the pants have a belt loop and the legs aren’t sloppy. Galway Bay makes the best pants, as they’re tailored as regular pants.

    Tops- I wear a thin long sleeve undershirt, golf shirt and a vest to keep the wind off and my core warm. Keep a zip up rain jacket in your golf bag.

    Umbrella- Absolutely leave it at home. It will only get in the way.

    Hat- Personally I generally prefer just a regular golf hat, but if you bring or buy a rain hat, make sure it has a draw string so it won’t blow away. Bring a ski/ winter cap as well, as it might be cold for your first round of the day.
  16. richard f

    richard f

    You may not need base layers , but some jumpers and wind stoppers would be advised , Scottish weather is unpredictable
  17. I have been to Scotland many times and I started with over packing and now down to what I actually need. This is my list for 10 day trips. You rarely sweat so you can wear clothes more then once. Everything I bring fits in a carry on and my golf travel bag (No bag fees). Clothes will be darker so can be reworn.

    Gor-tex Rain suit
    lightweight wind / light rain jacket in one
    3 or 4 pull overs
    pull over vest
    1 or 2 sweaters
    fitted under armour cold weather layer shirt (wont restrict swing)
    2 pairs of pants (black and Gray)
    4 golf shirts (usually worn under something)
    rain gloves (essential, don't want to ruin leather ones in the rain)
    2 pairs of shoes (never had a pair of shoes so wet I couldn't wear them the next day)
    plenty of socks, underwear and a pair of sweats to relax in.
    jeans and non golf shoes (bars are casual)
    Regular golf cap and a winter beanie

    Runners glide (chapped cheeks can ruin a trip) *Very important*

    Bring an umbrella but not for use on the course
    don't go crazy with balls
    leave the shorts at home
    Either you're carrying your bag or a caddie, don't pack it with crap.
    don't need a rain hat
    a few band aides in case of blisters

    I think that's it, anything you forget can be bought over there. I'll be there may 31st to June 5th then the 5th through the 10th in Ireland! Have a great trip!

  18. burk h

    burk h
    Waynesboto, VA

    I have had the chance to go to Scotland 5 times and have loved every second. Take your time and enjoy ALL of it. Also, remember that they close their restaurants early. The Dunvegan, which is a block away from the 18th green, served us a late dinner one evening.
    P.S. The golf is great, but the Scots are wonderful.
  19. Tosh.


    May will be fine I live 30mins from St. Andrews I can keep you posted on the weather nearer the time your heading over

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