2020 San Diego TT Golf Day

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By Dale V

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  1. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Announcement: Team Titleist San Diego Golf Day 2020

    Sunday, March 8th (Daylight Savings Day)

    Play starting at Noon

    We have secured a block of tee times at Maderas Golf Club. Maderas is located at the base of the mountains in Northeast San Diego County. Designed by Johnny Miller and Robert Muir Graves, Maderas is considered one of the premier public access courses in the San Diego area. Come join us for the day or if coming from out-of-town, make a weekend of it and play some of our other great local courses, see the famous San Diego Zoo or Safari Park, tour downtown, or sample our many local craft beer breweries.

    Format will be as last year, foursomes will be three TT members and one Titleist employee for you to get to know. Casual individual stroke play but you are welcome to make side-games with your buddies. We are just keeping it loose and fun.

    Price: $95 per player which will include green fee, cart and range balls.

    Send an email to 2vinsons@cox.net to secure a spot in this year’s event. We have 21 open spots and 7 spots reserved for Titleist employees.

    Maderas has a grill that is open for breakfast and lunch if you wish to get there early. We will try to block off part of the range for warm ups and maybe something unique from Titleist.

    The link below will give you additional information about the golf course including directions to the course. If traveling from out-of-town and looking for hotel options, closest hotels are in the Rancho Bernardo area but it’s also only about a 30-minute drive from downtown for those wanting to be near the water, in high-rise hotels, or close to other downtown sites and restaurants.


  2. Damn I wish I could make it , I love the San Diego area
  3. Brian

    Noblesville, IN


    Sounds like a great time to be had by all!


  4. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Sent you my RSVP!!!

    Dr. K
  5. Flying Finn

    Flying Finn
    Petawawa, ON

    Sounds like a great time Enjoy
  6. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Ahh. Good news on a day with the ground snow covered and heading into near zero overnight temps! Some light for the tunnel. Always glad to have a reason to go to SD.
  7. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    I’m going to my darndest to make this event.

    Wonder if the SM8’s will be out by then.
  8. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If not, hopefully the Titleist staff can bring along the demo bag of new Vokey's. (Allen - wink, wink).
  9. I'll bring the Smates M8ts!
  10. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    Allan B., Titleist Staff said:

    I'll bring the Smates M8ts!

    Modus3 105 please!! :-)
  11. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    No'l, loved having you down here last year. Hopefully you can make it down again this year. Just send me an email so we get you on the roster before it fills up.
  12. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Don't forget, send me an email if you are coming so we will know whether we need to contact Maderas GC to expand the tee times for more people.
  13. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    Been planning on heading down that way soon. I wonder if I can make this date work...
  14. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    I'm not sure what my travel schedule looks like just yet, but I will try to make it out there.
  15. tyler g

    tyler g
    Colorado Springs, CO

    Dale, has this filled yet? If not, when do you need a final answer. I may be in Phoenix for work the week before and may make the drive to SD if I can swing it. Thanks!
  16. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    We have 28 spots, 21 for TT members and 7 for Titleist employees. We still have some open as of now and if we go over and there is still time, we will try to negotiate a few more spots with Maderas GC. The sooner we know people's plans, the better for our ability to set foursomes, adjust times, or arrange any other things we might try and incorporate into the day.
  17. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Cmon Rick...…….. Hop on a bird!
  18. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    Thinking about it.....
  19. Last spring I did the Titleist Package at Pinehurst. I have not seen any information for this year. Does anyone have any details or know when it comes out? It was awesome.
  20. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    3df99c36fb said:

    Last spring I did the Titleist Package at Pinehurst. I have not seen any information for this year. Does anyone have any details or know when it comes out? It was awesome.

    That was a "special event" and not planned as an annual outing. This year, the Team Titleist International is filling that void. The US Team Titleist Invitational will be in October with the location being announced next month. There are usually additional events in the UK and Australia. Not sure of their schedules. On top of that, you will find periodic regional events like this one in different states. Look for their postings here or on the "events" tab under Team Titleist.
  21. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    Love Maderas! I played there once while my wife was at a conference, and absolutely loved it. If it wasn't on the other side of the country I'd be there.


    Madgolfer will be there. The wife enjoyed riding with the group last year and taking pictures, so count us in.
  23. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Don't forget, send an email specifically to 2vinsons@cox.net so i make sure and have you on the roster and can keep you in the loop on specific details related to the event.

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