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By Dave t

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  1. Dave t

    Dave t
    Dublin, MS

    I play the Titleist prov1 x golf ball and i am wondering if there is any chance of being choose to test the new golf ball i am buying the 913d3 on friday and i would love to have the newballs with the new driver .. perfect match i think i live in dubllin ireland and love all the Titleist equipment and i would be honoured to be choosen to test the new balls :)

  2. Hi Dave,

    All of the test balls have been distributed now (a random selection of Team Titleist members with complete profiles), but there will be more testing and sampling opportunities in the near future, so stay tuned to Team Titleist!


  3. Paddy R

    Paddy R
    portlaoise, Laoise

    Hi team t just tested the new balls they seem a little longer of the driver and irons same back spin of wedges but best of all putter is very consistent lovly solid feel tks for the balls I hope this helps

  4. Ian K

    Ian K
    Essex, United Kingdom

    Hi all.

    Well, defo now looks like I am not receiving some test balls. And the way it’s looking over hear now we may not get the chance to get out for a while still, I’m hearing in discussions about club memberships it may not be till May.

    Sorry for not posting on here for a long while. Managed to get through Lockdown 1.0, just through 2.0 with the hope of getting some winter golf in and now nothing. Not even the practice ranges and area are allowed.

    Am I the only one that’s getting fed up with all this now.


    Ps I’m not in anyway against the lockdown, far from it, I think if everyone had of followed guidance we would all be out playing again now. Speaking from someone who has had COVID 19 over the last couple of weeks, the sooner this nasty disease is gone the better.
  5. Gavin M

    Gavin M
    newtownards, 0

    i also play a prov1x ball and i found that the test balls i was sent out by team titleist are slightly better than the current prov1x balls, i think that the test balls have a more durable shell and dont mark as easily, i also think that the test balls are more receptive and fly further than the prov1x balls now, all in all i think the test balls are better than the current balls, the test balls should be brought out asap!

  6. Thomas B

    Thomas B
    edinburgh, midlothian

    Hi thanks for letting me try the test balls  great feel  and plenty of spin for playing around the green.



  7. Gary D

    Gary D
    Glasgow, 0

    What if you are from the uk

  8. Bigmezza


    I've seen alot of people receive balls for testing UK but the Titleist sign up is only for people in the U.S.A which is a shame as you would think there was a European sign up surely
  9. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    The new balls were posted out just before Xmas to Team Titleist members in the U.K
  10. antony g

    antony g
    Leeds, uk

    i didnt get any, hopefully pick some up next month when they get released.

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