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By David LM

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  1. David LM

    David LM
    Huntingdon, 0

    Please leave your feedback in this discussion post.


  2. Can I please try the new test balls. A guy at my club got them and he said comment and they will go further about trying them so do you think I can have a go at trying them


  3. Hi Matty,

    All Team Titleist members are considered when we have opportunities like the recent test panel. We do our best to include as many Team Titleist members as possible but as you can imagine, we can't include everyone in every test panel.  

    However, we are planning on more opportunities like this in the future for Team Titleist members along with exclusive sweepstakes and other special giveaways... so stay tuned.  

    As for the selection process, it varies depending on the opportunity but most are random selections. Also, the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist, from posting in the discussions and adding blog comments to completing your profile, the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to these Team Titleist rewards.

    Thanks again for joining. 

  4. andrew p

    andrew p
    Belper, AE

    Been on the forum for a while and received my first lot of test balls recently.

    Couldn't help myself had to go out and try them straight away despite the awful weather.

    Actually helped my game using the trial balls as I was concentrating on keeping on fairways and greens as I want to keep the test balls for as long as possible! Not being tight just wanted to check durability.

    Do you have a questionnaire or format i need to follow to give the best form of feedback?

    Caused a lot of interest within my golf society with others wanting to get involved and help in the research and development process.We have around 80 members with handicaps from scratch to 28.

    Initial feedback is great as the ball i used felt really solid off the club face despite the wind and rain i played through.  

  5. ALAN T

    ALAN T

    I tried the test ball ball today it seemed to go a lot straighter for me ,although i seemed to lose a bit of distance maybe due to the poor weather conditions this could be due to the weather

  6. john h

    john h
    ormskirk, 0

    Received my 3 test balls today. Will be testing them in Portugal next week.  Thanks for the opportunity to test them. I  just hope I do them justice .

  7. Tim C

    Tim C
    Capelles, St Sampsons, Guernsey, FL

    Hi Team Titleist

    Perfect timing....thank you, I have just received some new Titleist Balls to test and cant wait to try them out.  I am also shortly getting fitted for a new Titleist 915 driver.  

    Will let you know how i get on.

    Many thanks Titleist.


  8. paul b

    paul b

    i was sent a sleeve of prototype balls before christmas and was wondering when they will be released to the trade. Absolutely loved them.

  9. Michael P

    Michael P

    Yes I agree Matty, I haven't tried test balls before so would like the chance to do so with the new Titleist ones as a PRO V1/x user myself, sometimes even the NXT Tour/s. I am pretty particular when it comes to ball performance so it would be interesting for me to see the difference in the new test balls to the ones I currently use, hopefully Team Titleist could send me some as well as you! Cheers, Michael
  10. UK-Leftie

    Worthing, West Sussex

    Thank you for sending me a sleeve of test balls.  Regrettably I am injured at the moment so will not be able to give the balls a full test but that hasn't stopped me rolling a few with my Scotty.

    I immediately noticed when I was putting with the test ball that the sound of the strike appeared softer to me than that of the current Pro V1s I normally use.  I liked the sound and feel when putting, it may just be me, and I don't know if it is because of the duller sound, but I think the ball felt a little softer of the face.

    As I play Pro V1's, I liked the soft feel and sound of the test ball when putting.  Unfortunately I don't know when I will get a chance to use these balls on the course so I look forward to reading other testers' reviews on the play-ability around the course and particularly in windy conditions. 

    Thanks Again


  11. Chris R

    Chris R
    Alfreton, 0

    Got my test balls through the post. Really grateful to receive them and will try them at the weekend. Will post my feedback later

  12. Phil  J

    Phil J
    Barton under Needwood, 0

    Tried the first test ball today. Conditions were wet, so little run on the ground. First impression. Ball flew beautifully in the air with little sidespin and good carry. Was easy to stop on the green although this aided by the softer conditions. Felt good off the putter. All in all at least as good as my normal Pro v1 if not a slight improvement. So far well impressed. Phil Johnson
  13. Martin L

    Martin L
    lisburn, NV

    Just received my test balls today , thank you to Titleist , I will give some detailed feedback after my 36 holes over the weekend


    quote user="Chris R"]

    Got my test balls through the post. Really grateful to receive them and will try them at the weekend. Will post my feedback late

  14. Stuart D

    Stuart D
    Coventry, AE

    Used a new test ball today at Wychwood (Red number so assuming pro v1x). I hit nine out of fourteen greens before losing it off the tee on 15 so a pretty good ball striking day. The main difference I noticed with the test ball compared to previous models is the improved resilience of the cover. I have used older models of the ball this year and had to change after nine holes because of wear on the cover. It was also very stable in the wind.

    Looking forward to using the other two in the weeks to come

  15. adam s

    adam s
    Basingstoke, Hampshire

    Thank you for allowing me to test the new titleist golf balls. I have given them a go today and they are the best balls I have used so far. 

    It was very windy today so I was able to give them a good test in windy conditions and they are not as penetrable through the wind as other balls I have tried however, they are very receptive and I can control the flight and the spin a lot easier with this ball. 

    I would highly recommend this ball to any level golfer. 

  16. Terry W

    Terry W
    Canvey Island, 0

    Played with the test proto balls today. On first impression ball felt solid flew off the club face hit the ball a good 20-25 yards longer than usual. Played on a links course and the ball played well in the wind. Checked up on approach shots to the green.and had a good roll when putting. Felt harder than a ProV get like an NXT TourS. Defiantly a ball I would play A+.
  17. Sandy W

    Sandy W
    Kilmarnock, 0

    Hello team I got the test balls that were sent to me thanks a lot guys :)
  18. got the balls today and went straight to the course, great feel on the putting green , very similar to my pro v1x, no loss of touch on long range puts. plenty of spin on shots into the green , was easy to get check stop on chips. Good feel on full iron shots and similar distance off the tee. All round good ball
  19. John G

    John G
    Crawley, 0

    Hi Guys This is the first time I have had the privilege of testing any Titleist products...so as they have just arrived and I have not had time to get to the course I thought that I would give a first impressions verdict. The balls look like a high end product as you would expect from Titleist, the cover feels really soft which is already got my imagination going as to what kind of shots I could play with it around the greens and the kind of control I can expect from it, and also the feel off the putter face . I will write more after a round and hopefully all my first impressions are justified Cheers John
  20. Bradley M

    Bradley M
    Tunbridge wells, 0

    Dear Team Titleist,


    Many thanks for the Test balls. Came at the right time as I was out on the course this afternoon. As a rule I normally play the NXT Tour S as the Pro Vs give me too much spin off the Tee and put me in trouble (that’s purely my fault as I tend to cut across the ball), but these Balls (guessing they will be the new Pro V range) gave me a bit more forgiveness that I don’t normally get. I have worked hard on trying not to cut across on my drives so this could add to the result. Around the green and on it it was a real treat to use as it gave a lot of control of the face and any mis directions were down to me which cant be said for all balls. All in all though I really enjoyed using these and would consider buying the Pro V range once again as a result.


    Many thanks again for sending them.


    Kind Regards,


  21. Terry W

    Terry W
    Canvey Island, 0

    Received the Test balls yesterday and played at my home course in Essex. On first impression the ball looked nice felt firm to soft witch is good for me. The ball absolutely flew off the club face, my fist drive was about 20-25 yards past my usual tee shots. The ball flight was good mid height not to much spin ( I play on a links course so lower ball flight is needed when playing into the wind). The ball was solid in the wind (it was 13° and windy yesterday). Approach shot to the greens the ball checked up and stopped quickly.  Around the greens the ball felt soft enough to attack the pin. On the greens the ball had a lovely roll witch gave you confidence on 10 ft putts. Overall ball felt a little firmer than a ProV1 felt more like an NXT Tour S. 10/10 Titleist a big thumbs up from me.  

  22. Cavan B

    Cavan B
    Birmingham, West Midlands

    Hi Guys,

    I've just received my test sleeve through the post. I'm just waiting on some decent weather now and I'll let you know how I got on!


  23. Steve R

    Steve R
    Rotherham, 0

    The ball is fantastic I play off 12 i normally play with pro v1 but these seem the same with the feel,control etc...but with the durability of a harder ball like the solo.

    Many thanks for choosing me with the test ball.


  24. Craig T

    Craig T
    Ramsey, AE

    Dear Titleist,

    I was sent a sleeve of the new 2014 Pro V1X. I hate to say that I'm slightly disappointed by its performance. I am a 0 handicap and have used Pro V X's for the last 5-10 years. I even got fitted and was told the older Pro V X's were the ball for my game. 

    Th new ball has a different sound at impact off the club, whether it be driver or iron. It sounds almost dull and I can only describe it as it has no feedback and is non responsive. In terms of performance, i found that the new Pro V X seems to spin a lot more than the previous models. It has created a higher flight, which in my opinion and the way I like to play the game is not my first choice and prefer to keep the ball under control. I also found that when the ball was landing into the greens, I was getting a good 5ft or more of backspin even with mid/long irons. I made a purpose of sometimes hitting 2 shots, one with the new ball and one with the old to compare, and sadly, there is no comparison for me... the older ball wins in every department. 

    Hope this feedback can be put to good use


  25. Thanks for the 3 x test balls- my playing partners were most jealous!

    Pretty similar to the 2013 version but perhaps they may go a little further?

    Great feel on the greens with this Prov1 and as I'm not the best putter in the world playing off of 10 I need all the help I can get...

    Not the cheapest of balls on the market but you get what you pay for in this world and these are undoubtedly the best ball available to the low / mid handicapped golfer.

    Please feel free to send me any clubs, clothing or balls in the future that you need testing!!! :)

  26. russell w slater

    russell w slater
    Bloxwich, West Midlands

    Test balls arrived yesterday so can't wait to start testing over the next couple of weeks. I will be back soon.

  27. Tried the test balls today felt very similar to pro v1x. I liked them, especially for putting.
  28. David E

    David E
    Ammanford, 0

    if these new test balls are half as good as all the other pro v1 balls they will be awesome great products great balls

  29. Ian K

    Ian K
    Nottingham, 0

    Hi David,  Received test balls just as i was leaving to play, Started testing them after about 3 holes warming up with dt solo's, very windy and wet conditions, Found no difference on overall distance, but i have a fade to most shots especially driver. The test balls appeared to go alot straighter , altered my alignment to compensate , aimed straight and went straight. need to check  if i can get them to stop on greens when drier as everything we hit today stopped dead. So far very similar to pro v's i have used but less side spin   


  30. Neil H

    Neil H
    Doncaster, 0

    I used these new test balls today, and they are amazing!! I currently play off 11 and currently looking for a new ball to try so I could gain more consistency. These balls performed fantastic in "breezy" conditions. The ball wasn't affected by the wind and travelled further than my usual ball. The ball was also very responsive from 160 yards and in, being able to get great stop on the greens gave me more confidence and really being able to throw the ball at the flag on shorter chip shots and getting it to "bite" and hold. The ball felt great off the putter face as well. And another important issue seems to have been solved, that even after using the ball for a full 18 holes it showed very little signs of wear and can easily be used for at least another round possibly 2!! In conclusion a great ball and I can't wait to see it on the shelf!! 

    Please Titleist can you tell me when these are released or send me some more so I never run out!!

  31. paul h

    paul h
    llanelli, carms, AL

    got these golf balls yesterday, not sure what they are going to be pro v 1 /x but their not nxt. solid feel from the driver, lots of hang time even in to the wind.nice ball flight from the long to mid irons again solid feel,short irons around the greens superb spin, plenty of check. putting! probably the best ball i've used so far. only used for 1 round, no scuffing,still looks new. overal nice flight,good solid feel from tee to green, again very good around the greens, nice to putt with. will be using them all weekend and will update my feedback on monday 27th october. paul. 5 hcp.
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