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By RHolmes

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  1. On Sunday I was playing in the American golf 9 hole pairs final at the Belfry. Coming onto the 14th tee we were 1 down. I measured 173yds too the pin, for me a nice 5 iron was needed. 1 of my least favourite clubs over the last few weeks if I'm honest. Wind was slightly off the right and a bit into my face. As soon as the ball left the club it was bang on line!! I wasn't sure on the tee if it had gone in or slightly long. Thankfully it was in :) bonus is that you can all watch it on sky sports later in the year!! All thanks too a #3 pro-v1 with the TeamTitleist logo's on it! Thanks for the balls Hannah!!

  2. Well done⛳️On your ace,playing PGA course in October.cant wait .
  3. James H

    James H
    Essex, 0

    Great news mate. I see that rangefinder is coming in handy.
  4. colin b

    colin b

    Congratulations well done
  5. MB


    Well done
  6. PGA is a great course Stephen! enjoy it!
  7. TFord


  8. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    Congrats again Ross, great that it was caught on camera! Let us know when it will be on TV!!
  9. Nice one Ross - I've still managed to keep some TT balls after a shocking few months of chopping it around!
  10. Sam R

    Sam R
    Swindon, Wiltshire

    Well done RHolmes!

    The American Golf events are fantastic, me and my brother were runners up in the Pairs comp the first year it ran. My bro actually cane tied 3rd in this years scratch event too.

    It's very nerve wrecking playing in front of the cameras but a great experience overall.

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