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By TFennah

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  1. TFennah

    5 malven gardens matlock

    The sm6 wedges are one of the best things I have ever brought the spin is unreal from 60 yards out back spin is crazy

  2. Shoaib


    The difference between the SM6 and SM5 is very noticeable. I'm still playing SM5 Wedges (60 and 56) but replaced by 52 with a SM6 a few months ago and the difference, for me, is huge. I am about to replace my 60 and 56 but I'm struggling to work out the grind/bounce etc...hopefully my fitting is going to sort that out
  3. PaddyGolf


    Have to agree with you TFennah, the SM6 are by far the best performing wedges Titleist have released to date. Have mine in the black finish, love they aesthetics behind the ball and the super soft feel at impact.

    @GolfHacker - you can't get better than a wedge fitting with Titleist - great info into the wedge tech and what grind will best suit your attack angles etc to get out of the club the way you want it to perform.

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