Iron covers - yes or no?

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By Shoaib

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  1. Shoaib

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    There's something about iron covers that makes me write off a golfer as a hacker as soon as I spot them on his/her I mad or is this a legitimate thing?

  2. Gaaary
    Blyth, Northumberland

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    Yes you're mad ha ha....I play off 3 and I've got them !
    They might not look the best but I hate it when irons clatter together with the noise and the marks they put on clubs.
    I had my 716 T-MBs for 2 seasons and they were immaculate when I sold them.
    Hence I've got them on my new 718s.
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    I love my 716CB's and wedges looking spotless, but I would never use iron covers.
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    I just push my towel into the top of the bag, job sorted, no chattering or jangling.
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    It's completely irrational but definitely a thing. I'm with you, always makes me assume the golfer is a beginner when I see them in a bag.
    I understand why players want to protect their irons but I quite like seeing my clubs battle scarred.
  6. Simon s
    St leonards on sea, East Sussex

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    The only time I use them is when the clubs are in my flight they will be going on next weekend for my trip to malaysia
  7. richard f

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    I have some , find them to be a chew on at times
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    Im off 7 and I have them.

    Ive just upgraded to the 718 cb+ap2 and I want them to look new as long as possible
  9. richbow9

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    I’ve used them for years and don’t consider myself as a hacker! I just like to protect my investment as much as I can... I mainly use iron covers when I’m carrying, as I can’t stand the clubs banging together, if they’re in my cart bag, then I sometimes don’t use them
  10. jody r
    lucan, 0

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    I play off 4 and have them just traded in my 712's mb spotless hate the bag clatter mark on forged clubs.Got 718's mb and there covered.
  11. Stuart B

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    I usually use them for first few months and then get fed up with them or loose one. Since my shiny new 718 ap2s look so nice I think I will try and persevere with them.

  12. harry h
    Lasvegas, NV

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    i Have for years used iron covers for traveling and for play because I love my titleist irons wedges putters and pay a lot of money for the clubs and in most cases to play travel and green fees so I don’t think it’s wrong to protect what you pay for and want to last !
  13. Marc S
    El Paso, TX

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    Iron covers and ball retrievers are two things that make "hackers" stand out where I am from. How are you going to get all those compliments about how beautiful your new Titleist irons look if you've got them covered? LOL :)

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