By Stuart B

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  1. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Having upgraded to the new 718 ap2s, I was looking to change my current grips on my 3 wood and driver to match the golf pride tour velvet white on the irons but I can't find them on sale. My new h1 hybrid has one and would really prefer to have same look on all my clubs.

    Anyone seen them for sale anywhere?


  2. richard f

    richard f

    Only on eBay
  3. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Any decent pro should be able to order them for you.
  4. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    I contacted golf pride direct but the emailed back with
    'This is a proprietary grip sold exclusively to Titleist. Please contact them directly.'

    Not sure then if a local pro could get them.

  5. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Update while reading through some other posts came across one in the USA section where Cathi the concierge has reported that eventually golf pride will make these grips available to the public just doesn't know when.

  6. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    IMO stay away from eBay - lots of fakes especially when it comes to proprietary variants
  7. Stuart L

    Stuart L
    Warrington, Cheshire

    My pro has been trying also to get these grips but sadly has been sent the wrong ones. Apparently when he speaks to people at Titleist they don't understand what the grip is .
  8. Stuart L

    Stuart L
    Warrington, Cheshire

    Glad to say my pro has managed to get the grips so getting my woods re-gripped

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