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By Jonathan c

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    Does anyone have any cool ways that they like to start their golf season? (Having been hampered by tennis elbow for the best part of 2 years) I'd like to take it slow and start somewhere warm, Portugal or Spain maybe - either way elbow is much improved which I hope will mean game improves this season too. Play well everyone!

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  2. Alistair W
    Dunfermline, Fife

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    Hi Jonathan,
    Slightly off topic but I had a bad case of tendinitis in both elbows around this time last year. I followed the advice in this link and it worked!
    I got the Blue Theraband from Amazon which was the right tension for me
    I still use it every day, more for prevention

    I also used one of those tennis elbow braces for a couple of months
    I was very cynical about using it at first but very effective

    Hope this helps, have a great season!


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