SM7 wedge shafts

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By Tom J

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  1. Tom J

    Tom J
    Radlett, 0

    I was fitted for 718 T-MB last autumn and at that time the Titleist fitter said that I should really have the same shafts (ProjectX LZ 5.5) in the wedges as the irons. Is this normal as in the past I have been fitted for DG Spinner shafts in the Vokey wedges?

  2. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    Like everything in golf - there's no hard rule for this. Personally I go one flex softer in my wedges, I play PX 6.5 in my irons and am about to order 3 sm7 wedges with PX6.0 shafts. Will let report back once I've got a few,rounds with them.
    DG spinners sound like a suitable shaft for you but I'm sure a quick wedge fitting would sort you,out either way ;)

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