Ball Fitting @ Craigielaw

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By SAnderson

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  1. SAnderson


    I took the opportunity last week to go to a ball fitting session at Craigielaw GC and it was great.

    From start to finish the experience was amazing and I want to thank David for taking the time to go through the history of Titleist, the history of the golf balls and run through the differences between each ball in the current range.

    As a bit of a numbers junkie, I loved seeing the different performance figures from each ball on the Trackman as we went through the bag.

    I usually play a V1 and for short irons, which proved to be the best option but when moving to long irons and driver the AVX proved the better combination of ball flight and less spin.

    I had not used the AVX ball before so I couldn't wait to try it out. After my fitting, I had a game (it was actually a tie for the Titleist Matchplay, which I won. The lower spin rate of the AVX took a bit of time to get used to around the green but improved role out on longer shots.

    I would highly recommend the ball fitting for anyone, even if you think you know what ball best suits you, as the information provided from the Trackman is great.


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