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By jkington

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  1. After a wet round today I am going to invest in a new bag , question what's the best colour. The soapstone looks good but is it hard to keep clean, if it is the red and black will be the choice, any help or review appreciated.

  2. I ordered one last week after the same thought process. I went with the black/red option because I thought it would be easiest to keep clean, especially in a wet car boot after the round.

    I got mine for a great deal on the Ryder cup 10% off. Ended up paying £165
  3. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    It's got to be the red and black !
  4. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Red and black for me too, great bag for lovely Scottish winter weather.

  5. Black and Red - iconic all the way
  6. Scott Aitken

    Scott Aitken
    March, Cambridgeshire

    I bought the new Black and Red a few weeks ago. Well pleased with it. I have Jumbo grips and The Deluxe was much better getting the clubs in and out of the 14 way divider, than the normal stadry. I tried my clubs in both. One of the pockets is also a large cooler pocket which it doesnt tell you anywhere on the websites. The little zip clips are pretty cool aswell. All in all very a good well made bag.
  7. Thanks to you all ... my order will be placed tomorrow for the red and black. Looks like I will get a final wet weekend unless titleist and my pro can get delivery before Friday pm. Fingers crossed
  8. Order went in on Wednesday and turned up to play last weekend and there it was in the proshop. Literally 2 days. Fantastic looking bag. I did not have time to change it over last week so first putting tomorrow. Thanks and great service

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