Winter rounds & Winter Practice.

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By Simon Worsfold Peterborough

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  1. Evening all TT.

    What do people prefer ? Practice more in the winter or play more golf rounds ? And if you are playing more rounds are you changing any Titleist products in the bag ?

    Look forward to seeing people's thoughts


  2. Simon s

    Simon s
    St leonards on sea, East Sussex

    I spend more time on the range or in the simulator as golf at 2 degrees isnt fun. Also we tend to end up on temporary greens a lot which can ruining your putting stroke for the new season. I dont change balls until the ground gets too soft as hate losing Pro V1’s through plugged balls so will swap for the Velocity for a few weeks as they are cheaper and not a lot of difference in the winter conditions. Failing that I hope to win the lottery and mobe somewhere warmer.
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I prefer to play over practice whatever the season. What I will do during the winter is practice putting indoors on my Putt Out mat and Putt Out trainer as chipping in the garden is o.o.b . I did put in a practice round last week where I concentrated on the TS 3wood off tee and fairway and wedges into the greens now that they're softer. This paid dividends today as 40 points ..28 putts.

    I will practice at the range, but it will just be swing with irons which I'll video to check out posture, swing plane, etc.

    I was considering lofting up the driver but the TS 3 wood off the tee is going great (after a bit of practice last week).

    The AVX worked well in the wind today so they will be the ball of choice from now on.

  4. Is your 3 wood 15 or 16.5 degree as standard ? Some interesting comments tho thank u
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    It's 15 degree shaft is Kuro Kage Black 1/2 short and on A1 setting...

    My previous was 2009 Cleveland Launcher was also 15d with Aldila NVS 65g shaft and this would launch well off deck and tee. The head is a lot deeper than TS2. (TS carries 17y further and runs out like crazy with the low decent angle)

    The TS launches a lot lower off the deck and off the tee I'm now setting up like a driver with ball slightly back in the stance. It's still early days but I'm working on a stinger which isn't too hard given the already low flight. If I get the chance I might loft it up to see how that affects the launch and flight.

    Tomorrow the 18 degree TS arrives and it will replace a Cobra 19 degree hybrid for my next round on Friday. I've already been fitted for a 23degree 818h, which will fill the carry gap between 5i and 5w, this will replace my other Cobra hybrid.

    I've been told that's enough for this year 917d, and two TS's, so 818h might wait to see what comes out in 2019, and a new putter is also scheduled. I think I can wait as 2019 (just 2 months away) ..

  6. Some interesting comments cheers all TT members
  7. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    I struggle to practice during the winter. Because of the changeable conditions it can hard to practice other than at the driving range. But I do try to keep swinging and try to work on driving and longer iron at the range.

    With respect to changing equipment, yes it change my wedges for more bounce as the ground is softer and the divots get to deep also I drop a wedge in favour of a 3 iron hybrid
  8. Shoaib


    Rounds over range every single time for me!
  9. Robert H

    Robert H
    Rochdale, 0

    I prefer a mixture of both, play a round at the weekend and do some range work during the week after work.
  10. I’d rather play 4/5 holes before sunset than an hour on the range. But i do get to the range every week just to work on different things...only thing that changes in my bag is the beers get taken out and the thermos flask goes in!
  11. JKissoon

    Ajax, ON

    I'd rather play more rounds of golf but with snow on the ground I can't do that lol.

    I go to the simulator in the winter. My friends knock it but to me it has helped me a lot. I found it helped with my ball striking. Outside I used to be eager to see where the ball was going which caused poor impact, fat shots, and slices. In the simulator I didn't care where the ball went because it's hitting a screen 6 ft in front of me and there is a delay of ball flight from the software. I dropped 20 strokes off my game this year and I have a feeling it's due to the practise I put in over the winter at the sim.
  12. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Hi Simon,

    Rounds at the weekend and a session at the range through the week, Close House now has Top Tracer so it’s also fun to have different types of practice as you can play courses and competitions on it.
    I’ve put a second Hybrid 23 degree in the bag for winter and taken out my 4 Iron as want a higher flight.
  13. I've just done the same to be honest. Picked up a used 818 H1 23 degree of a lad who brought it but couldn't get on with it. So got a good deal (£100.00) been interesting hearing different people views thank all.
  14. I've just done the same to be honest. Picked up a used 818 H1 23 degree of a lad who brought it but couldn't get on with it. So got a good deal (£100.00) been interesting hearing different people views thank all.

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