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By jkington

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  1. After several rounds with my new bag and not a drop of rain!!! The bag looks good but struggling with stopping it slipping around on the powakaddy. The pockets are different to the old png bag which I might get used to but I have to say the cooler pocket on the side is a strange design as the brolly holder reduces the useable size. Top front pocket is small for my big hands . Is this the valuables pocket ? I ask as middle pocket is lined but also very small. For the price I hope that it's main objective of keeping things dry is better than the design. My initial thoughts have been realised and should have gone for a mid size

  2. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, 0

    I got the mid size tour bag and it’s absolutely class, I was all set for a new staydry cart bag but as soon as I got my hands on it I was very disappointed with the pockets, found them very narrow and awkward to get my hands in to get stuff out.
  3. Brian M

    Brian M
    Totnes, Devon

    I’ve got the latest StaDry Delux bag and generally I’ve been pretty happy with it - it certainly keeps the contents dry.

    However, I’ve already posted that it does slip and twist on my Motocaddy trolley as it doesn’t have the bottom locating slot found on its predecessor.

    I use the top pocket for my laser rangefinder as it’s really quick to access and the middle lined one for valuables. It’ll hold my keys, phone and wallet easily. Perhaps you have more valuables than me!! On a related note, at least Titleist don’t label the pocket with a “valuables” tag which gives a big clue to wouldbe thieves.


  4. With a cart bag it feels like a bit of an error to miss the mounded foot to help stabilise the bag!

    Probably the same as many golfers but it felt like the top pocket should be valuables .I am surprised you get a laser in it?

    Thanks for your reply

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