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By antony g

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  1. antony g

    antony g
    Leeds, 0

    Where is the best place to get replacement weights for a scotty cameron newport putter? just thinking of putting more heavier weights in there, any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Antony,

    Unfortunately we do not sell the weights separate from the putter as any changes to the weights will affect the face balance of the putter.

    Kind regards
    Team Titleist
  3. antony g

    antony g
    Leeds, 0

    cheers luke,
  4. But if you shortened the putter you need to add weight. Surely these can be bought somewhere.
  5. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    I guess its all geared up for sending your putter to the custom shop for any alterations like this, easier said than done from this side of the pond. I do know through conversations with Titleist guys over the years that Titleist Europe really wanted to get some Cameron parts to St. Ives and have a dedicated team so that people in the UK / Europe can get some minor works done here in the UK instead of shipping back to the us. Similar has been said this year re WedgeWorks.

    I do know that thought Camerons online shop they released a weight kits that had a few different options along with a tool, pricey though....

    Best bet would be ebay buy that's swarming with fakes so be careful!

  6. antony g

    antony g
    Leeds, 0

    cheers tom,
  7. If the putter is shortened here by us then we will add the correct weights to the putter. They can be bought elsewhere but they may not be genuine weights.

    Kind regards

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