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By Bart van der Does

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  1. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hallo Titleist UK,

    I noticed on tour & in Titleist USA the TS headwear is out.

    Where can I order mine? Any news perhaps on launch date?


    Post Image
  2. Wow that's one crazy #TT package!

  3. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    I didn't received this Alex, I saw this package was sent to one of the TT members (US). Downloaded it from the Facebook TT members page. So I spotted the TS headwear and I was like, I need to have those!
  4. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    The hat looks fantastic, hopefully they will come to the UK ! I would also buy the car sticker, who wouldn't ?

  5. WBingham

    North Curry

    That's a good looking set up, would be nice to see these in local pro shops in the uk! Nice looking
  6. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

    Love those hats!
  7. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    I noticed yesterday someone is selling a bunch of TT stuff on ebay UK, including a hat.

    Its a shame that some people do not appreciate that the majority of us on this forum would love the opportunity to owe such items, rather than sell them.

    But I have bid on the hat lol
  8. SKillen


    Completely agree Trevor. It seems like folk know how sought after the TT gear is and make the most of it when they are luck enough to receive it.

    I saw a dozen prov1 going for nearly £150 on Ebay with the TT logo. I wouldn't part with mine, play them with pride.
  9. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    I noticed the ebay thing too, bidding on it like crazy!
    Hopefully St. Ives will get them soon.

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