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By Bart van der Does

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  1. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hi guys, So for us in the Netherlands it's impossible to buy custom Team Titleist stuff. And I'm really really wanting this laptop bag for x-mas. I contacted my friend at golfsupport .com and he told me he was able to order the Titleist backpack but not in Team Titleist condition.

    I'm looking to buy these product in the team titleist layout. I know it excist also in the Titleist 2018 product catalogue it's mentioned. But I can't order them.

    Please Titleist help me out, I'm willing to pay but I can't order it. Anyone in the UK can help me out ordering this? If you sent me an e-mail on I could sent my payment details.

    Hope anyone can help me out,

    Happy swings, Bart

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  2. BR

    Dundalk, Louth

    I would love one too
  3. Hi Bart,

    The bag image you have used above is used as an example logo in our gear catalogue to show where our backpacks can be crested, these are not something that we sell at retail at this time.

    Kind regards
    Team Titleist

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