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By Luke R. Team Titleist UK

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  1. Hi Team Titleist,

    Now that 2018 is over, we want you to share with us your golfing experiences in 2018!

    We want to hear about your best round, best shot you played (or saw someone play), how many new courses you played and the best course that you played during the year and finally your aims for 2019 (handicap reduction, win a club trophy or even just to play and enjoy the game more!).

  2. blair


    Best course played: Muirfield
    Best round: 71 level par in a medal at my home club Dunbar
    Best shot: 3 wood to 10 feet at the par 4 335 yard 15th at Dunbar’s men’s open
    Best shot witnessed: Every shot Molinari hit at Wentworth when I was raking bunkers for his group
    Goals for 2019: handicap down to scratch or better (currently 1)
    Win my club championship
    Shoot a 68 or better (-3) during a comp
    Bogey free round in a comp
  3. TFisher

    Cardiff, Wales

    2017 I was going to give up golf after 30 years through frustration but decided to make 2018 the year I get back to the game I love, started the year off 24 H'CAP, had lots of coaching and put in the time to get better, ended on 18.5 H'CAP.
    Was in the final of our club KO Comp, won stable ford golfer of the year with the seniors, won Wales category 3 In the HOW DID I DO race to Carnoustie and number 1 for cottrell park (my club) in HDID, WON 7 out of 8 matches for seniors against other clubs and did well in the other club comps with a few runners up spots, really pleased the work I put in finally paying off, 2019 I'd like to get down to 12 H'CAP, and do well in the comps again this year, hopefully upgrade my driver (910 D3) and possibly my irons (712 AP2's), good luck to all TT members in their golfing journeys
  4. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Hey TT,

    Best Round: 66 @ Blyth Golf Club, Par 72
    Best Shot: Holed 2nd shot out the trees at Par 4 17th @ Blyth Golf Club
    Played 5 new courses as visited loads I’ve already played this year.
    Forest of Arden was good for the wildlife but a few Mickey Mouse holes.
    Dunbar & Close House we’re in great nick.
    Aims: Get down to 2 currently 3
    Be more consistent and to improve on my short game around the greens as really struggling with this.


  5. Tosh.


    The start of the season was a nightmare for me I just couldn’t hit anything,from winning last years doubles to getting knocked out in the first round this yr summed up my game,my handicap went up .1 twice a wk every wk I walked off the course to many times half way round,so I stopped playing for two months. I subscribe to bunkered and in it was a part about being a chopper and not seve,a great piece of writing had me in tears basically it was about the writer Michael Mcewan thinking he was better than he was then accepting the fact he can’t get annoyed at the game when it goes wrong as he’s not nearly good enough to get mad.......and that was me,since I read that I went back to the course reading his piece in the car park(which I do Before i Play every time now) admitting to myself I’m a chopper and my handicap has came down 4 strokes albeit it’s winter I’m loving the game again I don’t bother when I thin it through the green or sclaf my drive into the farmers field as I’m not good enough to get upset........
    So 2019 I’m just gona enjoy that one cracking drive or that long twisty putt that drops in the middle of the cup and brings me back the following week for more or maybe even a birdie or two.....
  6. When I look back at 2018, it was a year of learning. Half way through the year I lost my swing, but through patience and practice I ended the year striking the ball better than ever.

    Managed to get around the UK and Wales to play some superb courses. Celtic manor 2010, Roman road, Montgomery. Played the PGA national at the belfry where I hit the some of my best shots. The tee shot on the 1st and wedge play within 100 yards.

    GOALS FOR 2019

    To reduce my handicap below 5, currently play off 6 and have done so for the past 8 months previously 5.4.

    To aim for a board trophy win at my local club

    Consistency through the golf swing

    Enjoy golf - don’t get bogged down by it!!!
  7. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Best round 2018 medal tees was 75 scratch Tulliallan Golf Club par 69, my handicap was 12.

    Best round off the yellow tees was 66 scratch net 56.
    Dare I say I could have been better that day lol

    Best course played last year was Crudden Bay golf course, I had a awesome w-end with some great mates.

    Last year I played 34 different courses,
    this year I’ll try to play more.

    Best shot I seen was my little cuz’s hole in one at the 6th on Tulliallan par 3, 145 yards.
    One bounce then straight in boom.

    Best shot I played last year was at Strathmore golf course, 16th hole par 4, 354 yards.
    I stood on the tee playing in a 4 man scramble and I said to the mate this baby is going on the green.
    We all laughed,
    I pulled out the 917d2 driver at the time and let if fly.
    We walked down the fairway still joking about it being on the green, we looked at the green and there was my ball about 10ft from the hole.

    Last season I won 3 trophies,
    2019 I’ll aim to win more and get my handicap down to 6.
    Post Image
  8. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Just returned to the game about 15 months ago so 2018 was my first year back in 15 years. Got myself a handicap of 8 but within 3 weeks was down to 6, then 5 but sneaked back up to 6 by the end of the season.

    Best course: Trump Turnberry without question, however I played approx 20 different course last year and enjoyed them all.

    Grabbed my 3rd career hole in one in early April so guess that was my best shot of the year but not actually my best memory which was a 1 over 74 off the very back pegs in tough conditions.

    For 2019, well I've already shot a gross 70 level par off our yellow tees, though forward tees but still full greens, so that's been a great start, but for the rest of the year, getting back to and maintaining cat 1 status is my goal for the year.
  9. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Hi Team Titleist

    My best round was shooting level round the marquess at Woburn. what a course and had perfect weather!

    Best personal shot was on the same day of my best round, 2nd into the par 5 7th, 3 wood to tap in!

    Best shot I saw was again I would steal the Molinari call but a wedge shot into the 8th at Wentworth on final day!

    New courses, Dukes, Duchess and Marquess at Woburn & Victoria course in the Algarve. Best course was the Victoria.

    Aims for 2019... to get down close to 5 from 7, enjoy the game and get a better short game! Also bomb my new TS3!
  10. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    Morning TT members

    My aim for 2018 was to stop losing balls and find the fairway more often, the TS3 3 wood has made that possible. The Scotty Squareback has become a 'friend' so I am also finding the cup more often than at the beginning of the season. Handicap is still 16 however I do see that it has every chance of dropping this year as long as I do not try and smash every shot ! Best moment of the year was winning my first competition in horrible wind and driving rain, it was a true 'Titleist' moment.
    Good luck to everyone else this year in getting your handicap's down.
  11. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    Had a pretty average season in 2018 but still enjoyed the golf. I started and finished the season on the same handicap (3.9), at times I thought I'd get down to 2 or 3, other times I thought I'd inevitably go up to 5. Really enjoyed my golf and played a lot of rounds in at handicap +/- 1 or 2. Solid but not spectacular sums up my 2018.
    I did play a few great courses, Saunton Golf Club in Devon, Stoke Park, Caversham Heath and Edgbaston to name a few.

    For 2019 I'd like to get down to 3, happy with my long game at the minute but really want to work on 50 yards and in, especially putting! I had my first lesson for years in December and am going to try and do that once a month to keep the swing tight and improve my short game.

  12. James Harris

    James Harris
    Essex, 0

    Best Round - 75 gross at the London Club
    Best Shot - drove the green at the par 4 9th (I think it was!) at the Berkshire and holed the putt for an eagle.

    How many new courses - The Berkshire, Woking, West Hill, Royal St Georges and Woodhall Spa being the main ones. Royal St Georges was probably my favourite (helped by the fact I played well there) but Woodhall is a very close second.

    Aim for 2019 - to get to single figures. Am currently off 11.
  13. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    Unfortunately 2018 was a season of frustration as arthritis has limited the amount of golf I’ve been able to play.
    I’ve been largely restricted to playing my home club, The Drift, but did manage to play at Woodhall Spa in the spring. Without doubt the best course I played and very satisfying to play 4 under handicap.
    The best golf I witnessed was my son Ben shooting -5 gross on his first full round after an enforced break due to injury. His best score and he deserved better! A pleasure to watch and a real ‘proud Dad’ moment. Definitely the highlight of my golfing year.
  14. My favourite round of2018 has to be the round I won with team titleist for a slot on the team titleist team for the pga pro am at little Aston. Loved every minute of the day couldn’t believe I got picked and my biggest achevement in golf 3018 was winning a club competition and getting my name immortalised on to a club b board which is something I never thought would happen
    ️ . ‍♂️

    Thanks to all titleist and team titleist for what you all do and give back to us mortal golfers hopefully this year a win a spot at another great titleist event
  15. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Hi Luke & #TeamTitleist followers,

    My 2018 was pretty good with lots of new shiny stuff in the bag (SM7's, 917D2 and TS fairways).

    Lucky to play some nice courses in 2018, Nicklaus at St Mellion (3 rounds) and The New at Walton Heath.

    Not scored my best in 2018 so a front 9 at Reading with just 9 putts (including a pitch in with Sm7 and sand save)probably my best shots have been with my recently replaced other manufacturer hybrids. Ooops

    So my shot of the year was the first drive at St Mellion finding the centre of the fairway with the whole society watching and waiting for a duff as this was also was the first drive with the 917 which I picked up 1 hour previous. Even a TS fitting couldn't get that out of my bag...

    Thanks to #TeamTitleist and #TitleistThursdays for fitting me in the best clubs for my game. Have a great 2019 everyone.

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