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By Luke R. Team Titleist UK

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  1. Hi there Team Titleist,

    I have a very exciting opportunity to share with you!

    As a thank you for your continued support of Team Titleist and the Titleist brand, on Saturday 2nd Feb and Sunday 3rd Feb we will be inviting 25 of you to attend a ball fitting for the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x at Woburn (Saturday 2nd) and the Paul Lawrie Golf Centre Aberdeen (Sunday 3rd) with our expert Product Specialists using the latest Trackman system.

    Along with the free fitting you will receive a short game session and a dozen of the ball you were fitted for.

    If you are interested in attending either of these days please comment below with your availability and which venue you would like to attend by next Friday 18th at 12:00pm and we will email out to those who have been selected (15 appointments at Woburn, 10 appointments at Paul Lawrie Golf Centre).

    Woburn Golf Club - https://www.woburngolf.co.uk

    Paul Lawrie Golf Centre - https://www.paullawriegolfcentre.co.uk/course-2/

    Have a great weekend!


    Team Titleist

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  2. Have I just missed this deadline by 8 minutes??!!! If now - I'd be good for the Aberdeen session on the 3rd February!
  3. No, you are a week early...
    Closing date is the 18th
  4. Hi Luke

    Thank you for the chance to have a fitting at Woburn Golf Club on the 2nd Feb, it is one part of the game I’ve not experienced and would relish the opportunity!

  5. Hi team titleist,

    I would love the opertunity to be selected for this ball fitting event at Woburn on Saturday the 2nd of February,I am getting married the week after this event and will not be able to golf for 3 weeks due to my honeymoon so that would be the last weekend I can golf as a single man and what a better way to do it than at a team titleist event In Woburn Come on team titleist grant a condemned man his last request
  6. Hello I’d like to attend the Woburn session on the 2nsd Feb please thanks Ryan
  7. Team Titleist, I would be delighted to be invited to Woburn where Luther Blacklock is in residence. Luther is an old friend who used to visit a crowd of us in Northern Ireland to play and it would be an added pleasure to perhaps see him again. I am recently retired, now live in Cardiff and have been working hard on my game through your training programme. To be fitted for my ball would be the icing on the cake. I hope to hear from you soon, regards Harry McLeese
  8. 2 late me thinks Stevie ‍♂️
  9. WBingham

    North Curry

    Good afternoon,

    Would love the opportunity to be involved with a ball fitting. Something I have never done before, & currently not using a Titleist ball as I don't know which one I'm suited for. I am available for the Woburn date on the 2nd.

    Thanks for the great opportunities again.


  10. Brian C

    Brian C
    Perth, Perthshire

    Hi Luke,

    I'd love the opportunity to come along to the fitting at the Paul Lawrie Golf Centre on Sunday 3rd.

    I'm currently working my way through a stockpile of the 2015 Pro V1x as I've not come up with a better fit for my game yet - but I'm really keen to see if the 2019 range can replace it and would appreciate the guidance of a professional fitting!

  11. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK


    Woburn please. Currently playing the DT Trusoft so it will be an interesting comparison to be properly fitted into another model.
  12. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I'd love to attend the Woburn session. Having been fitted for all my clubs, I think that a properly fitted ball is the ultimate optimisation! After all, it is the only thing you use for every shot!
    Thanks for the opportunity and fingers crossed that I'm lucky...
  13. blair


    I would have loved to go to this but unfortunately I live just east of Edinburgh and is a little too far to travel to Aberdeen. If it had been at craigielaw I would have jumped at the chance.
    Thankyou for the opportunity though it’s another reason why Team Titleist is awesome!
  14. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    I would love to attend the session at Woburn Luke!
  15. TFisher

    Cardiff, Wales

    What a fantastic opportunity, would love to attend as not done one before, using the yellow AVX at the moment, coming from Cardiff Woburn would be nearest for me, thanks Luke and the titleist team for a great opportunity, good luck to all that apply
  16. Peter C

    Peter C
    Bedfordshire, UK

    Hi Luke,
    What a great opportunity. Thank you so much.
    I'd love to attend the Woburn session please. I've only had one ball fitting carried out before by a well known high street chain who had me hit some drives on a simulator and then proclaimed the best ball for me was the one that went furthest. Given that I only hit driver 8 times on my home course normally, I wasn't that impressed.
    I know that Titleist advocate completely the opposite way of fitting a ball and so I'd love to see what the differences are. I'll also admit that I don't currently use either of the ProV family (sorry) so I've no idea what they could offer my game. Please don't hold that against me though, I'm more than happy to be shown the error of my ways.
    Thanks again to all at Titleist for these opportunities.
  17. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    I can’t make them dates but Great Gesture from TT again.
    Good luck to all those in the hat
  18. Paul Y

    Paul Y

    Great Team Titleist opportunity!
    Woburn please.
    Never had a ball fitting so would be interested to see differences / benefits based on my swing + short game session to set me up for improvements in 2019 ;-)
  19. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Hi Luke

    Great opportunity as I am unsure if I am a 1 or x.
    I would love Woburn and can do either day, not fussy at all.
    Love the Team Titleist days and just how good being part of Team Titleist is for opportunities just like this. Also short game needs sorting!

    Thanks, Stephen
  20. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    I would absolutely love to have a ball fitting.

    I can easily make the Paul Lawrie fitting on the 3rd in Aberdeen.

    Many thanks.


  21. SKillen


    Hi Luke

    Great start to the New Year, I'm available for Woburn on 2nd Feb.

    Fingers crossed.

    -- Sean
  22. Hi Luke. Happy New Year!
    Another great opportunity from TT, unfortunately won’t be able too make this as I’m currently unable to play due to a back injury. Hopefully be able to have a fitting once I’m back playing Good luck everyone!!
  23. Hi Luke

    Would love te chance to be a part of this event at Woburn on the Saturday 2nd

    Keep up the great work team titleist
  24. Paul C

    Paul C

    Hi Luke,

    Another great opportunity being provided by you guys.
    I would have loved to attend the Woburn event but having recently taken over a management position at my previous football club I can’t now request to attend .

    Good luck to all those who are lucky enough to go and hope you enjoy what is certain to be a brilliant time!!
  25. Highly recommend this to anyone who has a chance of going.
  26. DClark


    Woburn on the 2nd Feb. Please.
  27. Tosh.


    I’m nowhere near good enough for a ball fitting.........
  28. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Tosh. said:

    I’m nowhere near good enough for a ball fitting.........

    Get your name down, nothing to lose, everything to gain.
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