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By Tim U

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  1. A quick report on yesterday’s day at Woburn with the BMW golf day. The weather was fantastic the course was presented and play Luke the championship course it is and the trees came into play on every hole which we all ventured into at times!! The greens were something else!! Pace borrow and a look that any course to aspire to. BMW and Titleist presents were fantastic and prizes were great(although we didn’t challenge on this occasion!) I’m considering coming back next year as a paying customer as it’s definitely a day to consider that to me was worth the cost. Again many thanks to Team Titleist for the invite and looking forward to East Sussex in September

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  2. Dave H

    Dave H
    England United Kingdom

    Pleased you all had a good day.
    Team Titleist and BMW really know how to look after us, My trip to Hillside was the same.
    Good luck for the rest of the season

  3. Paul Y

    Paul Y

    Good to meet you Tim. It was a great day and as you say the course was very impressive. I think it’s fair to say none of us played our ‘A’ game but it was still an enjoyable challenge.
    Many thanks to BMW and of course Team Titleist!
  4. Hi I have just come back from BMW event at Woburn today and I agree event was fantastic-Thanks to Luke and Titleist for the opportunity. Course was great and a challenge but too many trees!! I had really good holes but too many blobs -my friend/playing partner was in third place qualifying place unti last player came in and he got pipped by one place but he won nearest the pin!
    Fantastic day -thank you

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