First round with my new irons 620 mb (how's everyones new irons?)

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By Aaron

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  1. Aaron


    New irons arrived first time out with them tonight. All I can say is wow they are like butter. The feel the work ability the looks everything is a massive thumbs up from me . I love them Awesome job as usual Titleist hats off to you guys .

    One happy customer

    Everyone will be getting there new irons in the mail now I think? How's everybody getting on with there's?

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  2. James Harris

    James Harris
    Essex, 0

    I tried the 620 MBs at St Ives recently as part of a Footjoy day. I must admit they are lovely and I hit them well. Would love to have some but my swing is probably not consistent enough to use them all the time.
    I have the AP3 at the moment but did like the new T100.

    I see you have the new headcovers already - are they available yet?
  3. Aaron


    Can't go wrong with the ap3s James. I loved mine that much i stuck with the 3-5 iron then combo down to the 620s. Love the look of the new t100 too. Not available yet I don't think. I was over in the states on holiday and got the set delivered to me there ha ha. Still Titleist crazy when on holiday ha ha
  4. James Harris

    James Harris
    Essex, 0

    You’re not the first person to have Titleist or FJ gear shipped to their hotel when on holiday . They are released in the UK on Sept 16th from what I can tell.

    Having a mixed set is definitely a good way to go.
  5. Aaron,
    Glad you're enjoying them... Must have felt like Christmas morning...
    They certainly look the business.
    Looks from the picture as if you've combo'd the with AP's at the top end???
    AP2 or 3??

    PS Love the quilted head covers - didn't think they were available over here yet?
  6. Aaron


    Hey JT yeah I arrived home from holiday straight off a 8 hour flight and went out a few hours later on the course ha. I couldn't wait I managed to snag the headcover set when I was on holiday in the states. I got them delivered to me when I was there lol Titleist mad even when on holiday. I comboed the 3-5 in the ap3s buddy

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