The end of summer golf.

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By Tosh.

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  1. Tosh.


    This Sunday is the end of my clubs summer season with a nice Texas scramble to’s been a very quick wet summer though. On a plus note my handicap came down nearly two from last summer not great but it’s getting there. I’m gona put that down to my TS2 giving me the confidence to stand up and smash it as last year I couldn’t buy a fairway never mind find one.

  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    It was our last medal this week and I managed a nice 4 over gross for the first 9 which included a double bogey and a chip in par. Rain and wind were more prevalent on final 9 and a net 2 under was posted. Cut 0.6 which gives me a buffer to play to current handicap through the winter. Although I'll try to lower it in the remaining 5 Stapleford qualifiers this year.

    This year I have only lowered the handicap by 1 shot due to injury which has affected ulnar nerves so the iron game has suffered on the hard fairways, but physio is now helping and irons were a lot better today. Thankfully the TS fairways and new TS hybrid have helped eased the situation, and I'm about to put a Scotty in play so it will be interesting to see how my putting stats are affected, as currently averaging around 32.5 per round.

    I'll be doing my usual winter indoor putting regime on the Puttout and plan to work on flexibility and fitness for 2020. And with the neck injury on the mend some range practice now that I'm not playing 2 - 3 times a week. Target for 2020 is 14 hcp with big improvements in GIR, scrambling and bunker play.

    Anyone else also planning for 2020, if so what's on your hit list?

  3. Tosh,
    Reduced handicap + Fairways located = Good season.... Well done mate!!
    You certainly have done the analysis pretty quickly! Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance, allegedly.

    I've had an up and down season, much of it due to the incessant rain... Very happy with my set up, particularly since the arrival of the U500 but my driving has become an issue. When I started playing, woods were my strength. I'd bash the ball long & straight and go from there. Now, I'll do anything to avoid pulling the driver out - Seems time to find someone brave enough to help correct the problem(s) some of which may well start between the ears!
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    You've got to get that driving sorted. I've had same issue with irons this year so much so that I've hit knock down 23d hybrid from 125 yards instead of an iron. Now my swing thought is just smooth takeaway and focus on target which seems to be working.

    Yes, I've been a stats man for years so know where improvement needed which currently is GIR which will improve my stats for scrambling and pars made.

    Not worried about the putting stats as worked with the Scotty on the puttout last evening and happy with the outcome and now use to the thinner grip so it will be in the bag for greensomes match tomorrow (can always blame my partner for poor result).

  5. TPI screening next week so a program is on the cards.

    Thinking of starting with the supersede sticks over the winter and just hitting loads of balls with a lesson every few weeks.
  6. Tosh.


    Got myself the puttout mat and cup for over winter aswell and I think a few lessons over winter could be on the cards.
  7. Poor season for me. Kids and Bad weather not help hahaha

    My plan for the next 3/4 months is to practice practice practice.

    Going to book a lesson for my Driver as well.

    Wishing you all a productive winter of practice and looking forward to seeing the sun and more golf played.
  8. Hi having had a really bad year ,being out of work and then getting job on much reduced salary I haven’t played since July However in January I am aiming to get T200 or T300 then some serious practice and playing to get back into the routine of roll ups and monthly comps and get handicap back down to my normal level mentally and physically I need to get back on the course -hope I am not too rusty
  9. Denis C

    Denis C

    Best of luck with everything. Never an easy time when out of work. Hope the future will bring better days
  10. I'm meant to be playing Sunday really doubt it will be my last game of this year lol.

    Love golf too much!

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