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By Lefty

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  1. Lefty

    Hertfordshire, UK

    I hope you guys find this post useful, I've included 20 YT channels which are great for product reviews, coaching drills and general Golf content.

    Some are well known, some are not, but I hope you enjoy what they have to offer and if you recommend any others feel free to post them (as long as they're not condescending crossfield's channel!).

    Michael Newton Golf Top Speed Golf (Clay Ballard) Rich Shiels MrShortGame Golf Meandmygolf Alex Etches (Golf Box TV) Monte Scheinblum Eric Cogorno Golf TXG Tour Experience Golf Peter Finch Golf The Average Golfer Buzza Golf Shawn Clement (Wisdom Golf) Chris Ryan Golf Andrew Rice James Robinson Golf Matt Fryer Golf Golfing World Golf Digest Golf Channel

  2. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Great list but you’ve missed the official Titleist channel which also has great content.

  3. richbow9


    James Robinson, Rick Shiels, Alex Elliot, Alex Etches and Mark Crossfield are the main ones I watch. I’ve tried TXG but get bored too quickly, and I find Meandmygolf a bit twee and contrived. And there’s Chris Ryan who isn’t bad
  4. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Mark Crossfield, James Robinson and Rick Shiels are the best, also some good content from Titleist official channel.
    Great idea sharing though!
  5. Lefty

    Hertfordshire, UK

    Titleist channel - decent suggestion, some really good content on there so have subscribed.

    Apologies for the layout of the channels I listed, they decided to condense once the post appeared..
  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    If you're into product testing MyGolfSpy has great insights on product tests (us based but still relevant) and the Earn Your Edge podcast (sponsored by Titleist) with Cameron McCormick gives some good insight into the golf mindset and has previously spoken with Scotty Cameron on how he got into putter design.
  7. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    I'd rather shove needles in my eyes than watch Rick Shiels, Pete Finch or James Robinson, zero entertainment for me. Crossfield can be infuriating with his "I know better than anyone" attitude but he more than any other questions the norm and gets you thinking.

    TXG are great if you're a proper geek on info but for me the most entertaining is Golfmates, formerly known as Golfvloks UK.
  8. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Have watch quite a few of Michael Breed videos recently, think he might be a Titleist staffer, content pretty good.

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