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By Glynn T

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  1. Had an incredible day at the St Ives fitting centre... quite surprised that I was fitted into the T100 irons but all the data suggested these where best fit for me. I was so sure that I was going to be T200! After the fitting we headed over to do a Factory Tour... what an excellent tour we had. Honestly I was blown away how everything was done by hand... from ball stamping to the adjustments of the club head. Luke was excellent showing us around and highly recommend doing this if you ever can.

    Luke your hospitality was awesome! Your knowledge was brilliant. Thank you ever so much for a great afternoon.

    Cannot wait for my new shiny toys!

    Glynn (The Chase Golf Club)

  2. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Hi Glynn
    Great to hear. I was also lucky to look around last year and is amazing the precision and detail that goes into the custom club making and the ball stamping.

    T100's are a great iron, you will love them!
  3. You're more than welcome Glynn, glad you enjoyed the day!
  4. AAsh


    I also did a club fit and factory tour a few years ago and like you was very impressed I would recommend to anyone thinking of going for a fitting to also do the factory tour you will have a great day out
  5. Chris T

    Chris T

    Hi guys

    Can you simply book a factory tour or is it by invitation only???
  6. You can't book a factory tour but if ever our TT members are in St Ives for a fitting feel free to let us know and we'll show you around the facility
  7. Chris T

    Chris T

    Shame as I was there today for a fitting, I’ll definitely take that offer up another time!!
  8. Chris T

    Chris T

    Just wanted to say thank you to Paul Thompson for my latest fitting at St Ives today.
    Ever professional and patient, including very subtly glossing over operator error on my part whilst I was blaming the tools.
    Looking forward to my next visit and putting the U500 in my bag
  9. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I’ve had the privilege of visiting the fitting centre a few times, but have never been to the factory.
    I would absolutely love to have a visit at some stage.

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