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By WBrotherton

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  1. Looking forward to next year's Open at Kent and then the 150th at St. Andrews! I'm fortunate enough to work at The Open as a marshal so I've enjoyed seeing everything up close, including watching everything come to a great end at Portrush when Shane Lowry walked up eighteen. I also work at the Masters every year on the fourteenth hole so if anyone comes to the Masters next year, look me up there. Picture attached is me and my buddy Craig Farlow who works with me at Augusta and also at The Open. I'm on the left. William Brotherton

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  2. How do you volunteer for the Open - I’ve only done it when my club has hosted events?
  3. Aaron


    That's so cool I'll be sure to give you a shout mate. So cool you get to work at the masters. My dream is to go watch it live. So jealous haha.
  4. Chris T

    Chris T

    I went there 20 years ago and I’m desperate to go back
    Volunteering sounds like a great way to see everything

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