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By AntD

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  1. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Fellow TT members,

    Now that the autumn is upon us and with the recent heavy rain I suspect that those playing on the average course are experiencing slower green speeds.

    As this will be my first autumn/winter season with a scotty in my hand I was considering changing the weights from 15g to 20g.

    Is this something you have tried or do? If so what are your experience to adapting to the change to and from heavier weighting? Or is this something to be avoided?


  2. It is a good idea.
    I bought the heavy weight kit from Scotty Cameron, but it was hideously expensive.
    I would use the aftermarket weights and wrench next time.
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    My Futura CB is 34" so 15g weights as standard. I was advised by the fitter that if I went for a Phantom I should specify heavy on the order (extra 5g) but not on the Newport fastback we tried.

    There are a number of aftermarket suppliers that are affordable so if I go down that route I'll try them before getting the Scotty weights.

    Thanks for the tip.

  4. Tinkering is always fun but it might not help if you're happy with your putting at the moment.

    Just give it a bit more beans.
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Since changing to the Scotty very recently my putting has been streaky to say the least over the 3 full rounds compared to my old putter. I'm not blaming the switch but with the change in green conditions this time of year it's probably not a great time to compare results. Main issue seems to be the distance control with mainly coming up short, and then over compensating.

    Recently I played with a someone who puts 30g weights in his Newport 2 for the winter months.

    I only get time to practice before round at this time of year so really working on the distance control is difficult as tricking the brain to lengthen the putt needs a lot of work especially when its a breaking putt.

    It will be interesting to see what other comments come in.


  6. When I made the change to a Scotty t took me at least 5 games to start hitting it well as it was so much more sensitive to off center struck hits. My advice would be to not change the weights as they are related to lenth and swing weight but just hit the practice greens a bit more each week Good luck
  7. AAsh


    I never change the weights in mine I just use the same scotty year round if slow greens just hit a little firmer
  8. Have to agree with giving it a little more, my aim has always been aim for the dustbin lid. 2 putts all day long
  9. Ant,
    James Robinson on UTube put out a vid on this very subject, with a new Scotty, a day or two ago.
    He was experiencing with 15g & 20g weights. Uncannily close to your starting point...
    Would seem to be a co-incidence worth exploring!
  10. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Thanks for that tip. Just watched the video (although 5 putts from each distance is hardly comprehensive) and based on the fitters view that I'd need heavy option if I bought a Phantom I'm going to give it a go as for the price of 2 Pro V1's nothing ventured...

    I'm also going to get my local pro to check swing weights of the Scotty vs my old putter as this might reveal some differences (old was 35" vs Scotty 34").

  11. Lefty

    Hertfordshire, UK

    I'm siding with the guys on here recommending to change your tempo slightly to adjust to the rolling speed rather than change the dynamics of your putter by fitting new weights.

    Changing weights will affect a number of putting stroke characteristics which you will then have to change come summer and potentially take time to adjust to..

    I would look at investing in a putting mat that you can change the speed of, this will replicate the slower greens you could be playing on without having to change your putter or putting stroke.
  12. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Good point about the change back in spring/summer as this was something I was concerned about. One of my current concerns with giving it a bit more speed is stopping the wrists becoming to active as the matador grip is smaller that my old putters Super Stroke.

    I've got the putout mat which isn't cheap which runs around 10 on the stimp and I can also put on the carpet which is a little slower. I'm now ramping the putt out near the target end to make the stroke needed a little longer.

  13. I'd just give it more time and maybe get a gate to try and get your impact more consistent.

    Just curious what are your thoughts of the putt-out mat?
  14. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I'm pretty happy with the strike as I use a couple of ball sleeves as a gate through impact. As per Scotty Cameron's view is that all strokes should be virtually the same through 1 ball before and 1 ball after impact, that it square to target. I also use a gate 1 foot and then 3 feet from ball to check I'm starting on line so I'm pretty sure the impact is central and putter is square at impact. I currently don't use any aids on the practice green but I'm getting the Puttout mirror which will be used indoors and outside to check alignment and path.

    My warm up putting at my home course is on the same part of the green on an uphill putt of 7 paces, then longer uphill putts to 3 different targets just to get my pace dialled in. Then I finish with a pressure drill having to hole 3 putts from 6, 9 and 12 feet before I finish.

    The Puttout mat is very good. It's consistent for speed, has great alignment markings and has a good rubber backing so it lays flat even after being rolled up for long periods. When used with the pressure trainer it's great for indoor practice.

    Putting in this weeks comp was a little better although there was one putt left short which resulted in a 3 putt and a meltdown 5 putt on one hole where I just over borrowed and over hit, but 32 total putts was just better than my average.

    20g weights are on order as I'm going to give them a try and get my fitter to check swing weight vs my old putter to give me an idea of what has changed as length and grip size are both different.

    If the weather holds I have an away comp tomorrow so hopefully more progress will be made.

  15. Chris T

    Chris T

    My advice would be to stay as you are, same principles as putting up and down hill. One you have to hit a little firmer, you will build a rhythm after a few rounds
  16. Hi,

    interesting thought to change the weights. Personally, I wouldn't do it. I'dd strike it a bit more. Good luck!
  17. Chris M

    Chris M

    Personally I would not change the weights, as every change will lead to adapting your strike
    Rather adapt to the green speed by hitting it a touch harder, same like you have to do when playing on other courses with different green speed
  18. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    I just ditched an odyssey redline for a new Sc fastback which has help me with my distance as it has a firmer face. Just hope I don’t race them by when back on the normal greens.
  19. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Firstly, thanks for all the comments and advice. There was one comment from Alex about strike which got me thinking that I never checked my strike on putts over 15-20 feet, so I set up a station before my game on Thursday and sure enough on longer putts my path was a little right to left.

    Well the weights arrived while I was playing at a course I'd only played once back in the summer, although my chipping couldn't be faulted and there were no putts out of my comfort zone of 20 feet or so, I'm pleased with the stats (driving wasn't great). 40 Stableford points with 2 NR holes and one of my best putting rounds of the year.

    I'm going to test the 20g vs 15g just to see if there's any improvements and will report back.
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