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By Gaaary

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  1. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Hi TT,

    Titleist unrelated but just interested if any members own a skytrak unit and maybe have a set up in their garage or utility room ? The relentless rain is becoming a bit of a headache and I’m sick of going to the range with the poor balls. Any feedback on the skytrak unit would be appreciated.

    Thanks Gaary

  2. Would be really interested to hear people's thoughts on any swing studios they use for lessons or have seen, can only dream of having the ultimate golfing man cave set up with a swing studio!
  3. Denis C

    Denis C

    What about this one at Holywood golf club

    Would be great to have somewhere to properly practice during the winter, even if not as extravagant as this (Must admit however that I'm very envious of the members of HGC )
  4. TFisher

    Cardiff, Wales

    At my golf club Cottrell Park on the edge of Cardiff we have 3 simulators at the moment 2 older ones and 1 new one being evaluated with plan to have 5 simulator suites with seating area and food drinks etc, use them for half an hour or so before every game in range mode as a warm up and to tweak my swing, when the weather is bad a group of us will play 18 holes on them (pebble beach amoungst others) when the 2 courses are closed, a great facility as part of my membership, we have just installed an indoor putting/chipping green as well so winter should be good for practicing all parts of my game.
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    One of the members at my club has just got rid of his SkyTrack…..

    He's upgraded to a GC Quad....

    He changes clubs every 2 years and currently plays PXG irons but has recently changed driver to TS2 so he can't be all bad...

  6. Denis C

    Denis C

    Think they would be a great extra revenue stream for clubs especially during the winter months and attract more to the clubhouse too but I guess there must be reasons why not or they would be more widespread in use.
  7. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    They always seem to have a £200 discount offer running, could it be they are not that popular?
  8. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    They’re really popular as I follow a group on Facebook, just wanted to see if anyone from TT had used one.
    The offer of £250 off comes up at holiday times.
    GC2 are just crazy prices for personal use.
    I’m buying one for the garage as get bored easy during the dark winter months.


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