By Stuart B

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  1. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Managed to get a couple of rounds in past few weeks and I’m find the 510u 4 iron I picked up with the T200 is absolutely brilliant. It’s like hitting a 7 iron. Just got to get passed the look.

    Highly recommend if you’ve not try them.


  2. I have one too and fully agree - not pretty, sounds a bit odd but utterly fabulous!
  3. Went for the U500 myself and am a very happy winter wanderer. Used it off the tee for a whole round (bar the par 3's) last week and it was not found wanting. Thinking of putting my driver away for the winter!!
  4. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    Is it versatile enough to play from different lies like a hybrid or purely for tee shots and long approaches from a fairway..?
  5. Lefty,
    Not brave enough to have tried it from off the light cut as our rough is deep and very wet at present.
    Seems to work off the longer pile at the driving range but that's not the same thing, as we all know.
    Can't get on the Practice Ground at present to try it on the rough there....
    Will try to experiment as soon as conditions allow.
  6. MSpight

    Mount pleasant golf club

    I have just been fitted for a u510 and cant wait to get one now so should be ordering one next week
  7. Aaron


    I have the 2 iron 510 it's been a life saver in my bag. Would recommend one too anybody. High and low handicappers. They are like butter
  8. I'm guessing you lot don't get on with hybrids?
  9. Alex,
    Not exactly, I've only got a hybrid and a driver above my 3 iron...
    If I get a U500 2-iron - a distinct possibility - I'll relegate my 4 iron to the attic.
    It's more that I've fallen out with fairways at present.
    I quite like the shorter shafts of hybrids and I wouldn't swap my TS2 hybrid for anything.
    I find I concentrate on a more specific target with an Iron but I'm apt to belt a fairway in a "general direction".
  10. Yeah I get that more control on a shorter shaft.

    The options available to Titleist users is fantastic.

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