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By Paul C

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  1. Paul C

    Paul C

    After a recent fitting at St Ives I have now ordered the TS3 Hybrid which should be here next week. Went with a 19 degree with the Hzrdous smoke shaft. At the fitting we established that my current old hybrid was pretty much giving the same numbers as my 5 iron (probably says more about my swing than the clubs) so it gave me an opportunity to remove it and my 5 wood as this fits nicely in where that was going.

    I can’t thank Paul enough for his guidance on the day and Luke for his help arranging this!!!

  2. Paul,
    Went for the TS2 hybrid myself - it could have been either TS2 or 3 - but I understand the sentiments.
    The TS range is phenomenal and the hybrids are my particular favourites. Good length to swing, easy to hit and, by my lights, more or less controllable. Have stopped carrying fairways as a result.
  3. SAnderson


    I bought the TS2 in 19deg with smoke shaft, my old hybrid was not a club I used regularly as it wasn’t consistent.
    I know a lot of people don’t like their hybrid and I would say that it’s probably because because it is an older club and just harder to hit.
    The new hybrids are way more forgiving that they ever have been and I think more people would ply better with them than a long iron.
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Got to agree with comments above on how much easier to hit and how much more consistent the TS hybrids are.

    On my fitting I managed to strike two off the same spot on the face, with tape and a sharpie line on the ball.

    My 19 degree with Tensei blue is just so much more consistent in distance than my old (cobra).
  5. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Still gaming the 818 H2 and it’s a rocket. Enjoy your new hybrid. Happy golfing
  6. Paul C

    Paul C

    I got to give it a hit over the weekend for the first time while at the range for my daughters golf lesson.

    I'm so glad that the consistency has carried on from the fitting and makes me feel very confident that when I next play and go to use it on the course it will do what I'm expecting it to.

    Can I ask you guys a question though, with your TS hybrids, do you feel a slight ridge where the crown meets the face? It may be me but it's almost as though the face sits slightly underneath the crown leaving a protruding edge.
    I'll have a look in the proshop at the weekend to see what there's are like before contacting Titleist about it but thought I'd ask you as you have your own ones.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  7. SAnderson


    Paul, I had the same issue with the feeing of a ridge between the face and crown.
    I had a look at the demo clubs in the shop since noticing this and they were all the same.
    I’m not sure if it’s a design flaw or meant to be like that but it does feel unusual.
  8. Paul C

    Paul C

    Thanks for your comment, I guess it must just be how they are put together.
    I asked in the club shop where my daughter has her weekly lesson and the cheeky guy said are you sure it’s not a fake...I was not impressed
  9. Paul,
    Hadn't noticed the join.... Doesn't seem to make any difference to the performance.

    PS You want to try living on Merseyside - everyone you meet is a would-be comedian!!

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