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By kevin m

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  1. I am due to upgrade my 4-wedge soon and would be interested in hearing whether you thought the CB was the right choice for me or not. I currently have a mixed bag of cally apex pro and mb but had 735cm irons in the past an loved them. Do Titleist allow flexibility in ordering to have mb’s in the short irons or is the top line on the CB’s similar to the mb’s? Thanks Kevin

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  2. Kevin,
    I realise that the question is, in some respects, reflective, but I think you know the answer - Get yourself an appointment with a good fitter at a Titleist Thursday, Titleist National Fitting Centre or a Titleist Advanced Fitting Partner. Then you can get your hands on the full range of Titleist equipment and discuss combinations and gapping... And it's great fun!
  3. Unfortunately I do not have access to a Titleist fitter as I live in a rural part of south west Ireland.
    I have only changed my irons 3 times in the last 20 years and 2 of these sets have been combo sets with cavity back long irons and blade short irons.

    I have a 915D4 driver that I took a chance on and love to bits but Just not quite sure what is available in the present Titleist iron range that would fit my eye and was looking for some suggestions .

  4. Kevin,
    Titleist have a Product Specialist for Ireland - Pete McClelland - you can find info on Pete under the heading “Fitting” at the top of the page. His full-time job is looking after the likes of us on behalf of Titleist and I’m sure he could help you find a better way to select new clubs. My local Product Specialist (Fraser Jones) is brilliant and always ready to help so I’m pretty sure Pete would be from the same mould.
    Hope you get sorted...
  5. AAsh


    As far as I know you can mix your iron choices as for the top line mb cb and t100 all very similar I have just received my cb irons and they look fantastic just hope they play as well as they look please see my post my new clubs part 3
  6. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Surely only you can decide if they are for you or not, it's you that knows your game better than anyone.
  7. I also live in a rural part of south west Ireland.

    Titleist do demo days at loads of golf clubs and big box stores across Munster and beyond.

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