Great TS3 Fitting Experience

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By Daniel S

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  1. Daniel S

    Daniel S

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of being fit for my new TS3 driver by Alister at Belleise golf club whilst on a work trip up to Prestwick. His knowledge and advise was second to non that along with his personable demeaner made the whole experience a complete pleasure. We went through a very methodical process choosing head & shaft combinations settling on the TS3 8.5 set in C1 with the Hzrdus yellow 6.5 and managed to increase my average distance by just under 30 yards. Once the fitting was complete we tried the u500 which is next on the purchase list possible santa might bring it ?? Hahahaha.

    Luke if possible please can you pass on my thanks to Alister hen you next see him.

  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I think we all agree that the Titleist fitting experience is second to none.

    What was your previous driver and was it fitted as those are some impressive gains.

  3. Daniel,
    Are you going back to Ayr to collect???
    Seems to me to be a long way from Manchester...

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