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By Larry D.

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  1. Larry D.

    Larry D.

    I have a shaft from another driver that I’d like to try in my TS4 driver. Can I send it to Titleist to have a surefit adapter fitted? I want to be sure to get an authentic adapter and the internet seems to be awash with replicas.

  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Try Nordica Golf or Gamola golf as they do OEM adapters. The 917 adaptor fits TS as I've tried TS4 with the shaft from my 917.

    You can buy one off epoxy resin off the internet.

    Key will be to get the old adapter off without damaging the shaft. I used a butane torch to heat the old one as you need a high heat to crack the old resin.

  3. Brian C

    Brian C
    Perth, Perthshire

    Hi Steven,

    If you're in Cupar, Fife then consider talking to Scott Gourlay Golf Technology in Edinburgh. He's based at Swanston Golf Club and is an outstanding club fitter/builder. His guys can put together shafts/adapters etc and will almost certainly have OEM Titleist adapters, I'm pretty sure I seen them in the workshop there.


  4. Chris M

    Chris M

    A licenced Titleist fitter can surely help you with the adapter as well
  5. Larry D.

    Larry D.

    Thanks for the replies, I managed to get sorted through my club’s pro shop.
  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Glad you got it sorted...has it improved the performance of the TS4? Keep us posted.
  7. Ooo I'm also keen to know if it made your experience with the driver more enjoyable. You both must be fairly accurate drivers of the ball to be rocking the TS4.
  8. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I'm fairly consistent with strike with the driver but still need more distance, so tried the TS4 while at my TS hybrid fitting while waiting for the arrival of the Scotty rep. I didn't get any numbers but having hit a few with my current 917d2 and then putting my shaft in the TS4 the lower flight and distance were very obvious as was the drop off from a couple of off centre strikes.

    Chris the fitter asked why I wanted to try the TS4 and then suggested a change to the Surefit CG weight in my 917 and dropping from 12g to 8g this has helped with lower flight while keeping the MOI of rear weighting and saving me £££.

    As always it's a joy to try out new Titleist gear and to see just where it can or can't help you.


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