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By stephen c

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  1. I was fitted for a set of irons . My recommendation was Titleist CB 5-PW KBS TOUR X-STIFF SHAFTS ! MY question is should a 14 handicapper use these low handicapper irons ?

  2. I was fit into almost the exact same setup a few years back (716 CBs). I was about a 12 at the time with a very high swing speed + very steep. The turf interaction was much better on the CBs so that great feel led to more confidence and ultimately better performance for me. Congrats on the green light to play such a sweet looking iron!!
  3. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    Trust the fitter and enjoy your new clubs!!
  4. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    Who did the fitting? I would trust a fitting at Titleist or an approved Titleist fitter.

    If that's what gave you the best numbers on the day then go for it!
  5. Stephen,
    More to the point, how did you feel hitting the clubs??
    It almost sounds as if you were surprised by the outcome...
    Whenever I've been fitted, the process has been a joint operation between me and the fitter with options tried and assessed at points where decisions are required. The ultimate decision was always mine.
    No surprises... Almost following a decision tree...
    I've always been fitted by a Titleist Advanced Fitter (ForeGolf Chester in my case) which gave me confidence in the process and the outcomes

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