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By Andrew H

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  1. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    Anyone use older models of the MB range? What differences to people find?

  2. Hi Andrew. I played the 690.MB for many years, and absolutely loved them. Even just looking at them in the bag was a pleasure! I find the head shape of some of the models changes slightly, so it is less about performance and feel, but more about visual appeal, which I suppose is very individual in the first place.
  3. Larry D.

    Larry D.

    I learned to play the game with a set of Nicoll of Leven blades. When I stated playing again I initially bought some GI type irons, but soon gravitated towards a second hand set of 680s I came across. They were fantastic. Unfortunately I need a bit more help these days, but the CB range also looks just as good at address. I thought the 716MB was reminiscent of the 680s and I love the look of the 620MBs. Would quite like to have a hit with the 620MBs actually..
  4. Played the 718mb's for a few rounds but I'm better of with ap2's o t100's now.

  5. Like Mlundoe, played 690mb’s for years and loved them. Tried ap2’s and cb’s before going back to 716mb’s where don’t notice massive drop off in performance. Solid feeling heads and feel better turf interaction. Certainly make you focus better on ball striking imho.
  6. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    Agree! Certainly focus more on ball striking, I also had ap2s some years back. Nothing compares to that mb feeling

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