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  1. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Just wondering how many on here have lessons and if so..

    1. How often? 2. Does your pro use a launch monitor? 3. Would you have lessons from a pro who doesn't use a launch monitor? 4. Do you have lessons with your club pro or elsewhere? 5. If you don't have lessons why not?


  2. richard f

    richard f

    I’ve never had any lessons, why ? Just never bothered to be honest
  3. I’ve never met a golfer that couldn’t benefit from lessons from a good instructor.
    Lessons for a beginner are a must. But even the best players need them. As Nicklaus said ‘I’ve never been afraid of having a lesson.’
    Apart from ‘videoing’ ourselves, there is no way that we can see what we are doing.
    The trained eye of a good instructor is needed. They should be able to see ‘faults’, explain them and work within the player’s capability to correct them.
    Don’t be afraid to use more than one instructor. Maybe one for your long game and another for your short game or putting.
    I’ve always had one a lesson about every three months or so, just to make sure that something hasn’t crept in.
    It’s quite amazing how one can slowly start doing something without noticing it, over last summer I had been closing my shoulders.
    The launch monitor etc. does have it’s place, but not for basic instruction. I don’t think we need a launch monitor when slicing one 30 yards right or repeatedly hitting the ball on the thin side.
    My players never learn their own swing. By this I mean learning what works for them. How you actually grip the club, address the ball, start the backswing. What are the little trigger points that you can use to check yourself?
    These can be made up of a series of points. Some of mine are letting the club lean towards my target at address before gripping it. In other words, let the club go to the left hand rather than the left hand coming to the club.
    The feeling that my right elbow is down by my left hip. My left hip is above my right hip.
    These are all points that create ‘my swing’, things I can check when practicing to help me be consistent.
    Find a good instructor, stick with the ‘program’, don’t expect an overnight cure, practice and more practice of what you have been told and the rewards will come to you. All my best wishes.
  4. Yep and it massively helps having someone I trust so that I avoid tinkering myself and making things worse.

    1. At the minute I have them every 2 weeks, but come the start of the season I will probably drop that down to once a month.

    2. Yes

    3. No, I'm a tech and numbers guy so I like to see the changes on screen in data form.

    4. Elsewhere - Our pro doesn't have a launch monitor
  5. Yeah it helps loads, I suffer from an over swing sometimes from a previous Rib injury playing football a few years back but didnt want to give up golf so developed it then, and I am still falling back into bad swings occasionally

    Seems to be under control at the minute and I try to have an hours lesson once a month ( that has stopped over Xmas and Jan as I bought new T100 Irons )

    But starting again next week, I'll have an hours lesson to check over my swing but I am mostly aiming for a pitching/short game lessons leading into the nicer weather and season, possibly drop it from an hour to half hour every two weeks

    My pro doesnt have a launch monitor but the swings are recorded and can show the mistakes - if I want a launch monitor we have one of them Top Tracer ranges about 15 minutes down the road which I have been using to get my distances for the new clubs.
  6. Lefty

    Hertfordshire, UK

    Some good points and responses. I like a less-is-more approach with lessons but they do provide an invaluable insight into areas of your game that need tweaking and focusing on.

    If I had the time and money I would have lessons more frequently with specific professionals to look at driving, putting, short game etc.

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